Ultimate Nativity Quiz

From Mary and Joseph’s journey, to the angelic assistance received along the way, do you know enough about Jesus’ birth to ace our nativity quiz?

nativity trivia questions and answers
These nativity quiz questions and answers will test your knowledge

If you’re feeling the festive spirit and looking to put together the perfect nativity scene this season, we’ve got the quiz for you. We’ve packed our nativity quiz with tasty titbits of trivia on the story of Jesus’ birth, so keep reading and see how you do!

We’ve made sure there are questions here for all levels of quizzers, so don’t worry if you’re no Bible scholar! If you’ve ever taken part in a school nativity play, chances are you’ll score pretty highly, so long as you were paying attention!

nativity story quiz
This nativity story quiz has 15 questions

Can you remember where Jesus was born and how many visitors he had after his miraculous arrival? How about which object the wise men followed in order to present their gifts to Jesus?

Do you know where we first learned about the nativity story, and what day Christians celebrate Jesus’ birth? Can you recall why Jesus and his parents fled his birthplace and where they made themselves a new home?

nativity trivia questions
These nativity trivia questions and answers cover lots of moments from the Bible story

If you’ve paid attention to your Bible studies and the backstory of the Saviour’s birth, our nativity trivia questions shouldn’t cause you any trouble. Read on and make sure you’ve got your facts in order – we’ll be rooting for you!

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nativity quiz questions
Get ready to answer our nativity quiz questions!

Nativity Quiz

According to the Bible, where was Jesus born?

How many wise men visited Jesus following his birth?

Which angel told Mary that she would soon have a child?

What gifts did the wise men bring for baby Jesus?

Jesus is occasionally referred to by the Hebrew name 'Immanuel'. Which of the following does this translate into?

What did Joseph do for a living?

Where was Jesus born?

Why were Mary and Joseph unable to stay in an inn?

What were the shepherds told by an angel?

Which of the following was used to guide the wise men to Jesus?

The nativity story is told in which of the following books of the Bible?

Which of these songs did the angels sing?

Why did Jesus and his family flee Bethlehem?

Where did Jesus and his family travel to after Bethlehem?

What day do Christians traditionally celebrate the birth of Jesus?

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So, how did you fare with our nativity trivia questions? Was it a biblical breeze, or could you have done with a few wise men in the room for assistance?!

We hope you learned a nifty fact or two, no matter how well you scored. If you enjoyed today’s quiz, we’ve plenty more fun Christmas quizzes for you.

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