Ultimate True or False Bible Questions

Fancy yourself a Bible expert? Reckon you know your Genesis from your Deuteronomy? Then test your knowledge with our true or false Bible questions.!

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As perhaps the most famous book in the world, the Bible has been translated into more than half the world’s languages. Did you know the holy book has sold more than five billion copies globally? Pretty impressive, right?! 

Having a profound impact on Western culture, the Bible remains the most sacred text in Christianity, and its text has been interpreted in multiple different ways. 

There are so many different books in the Bible containing multiple different teachings, as you will note from our true or false Bible questions.

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How much do you know about the bible?

And being able to take the teachings from the Bible and apply them to the direction you take your life in is something that a lot of people use to help make their lives better. 

Split into the Old Testament and the New Testament, the Bible has shaped the teachings, cultural beliefs, and customs of so much of the Western world. How much do you know about the bible though?

Can you pick out your epistles from your apostles, or pick out your gospels off by heart? Our true or false Bible quiz will test all of this and more, so see how you get on!

Once you’ve finished this one, take a look at our bible trivia questions – this one is a little more difficult with multiple choice answers, so it’s definitely a step up!

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It’s time to put your bible trivia knowledge to the test!

True or False Bible Questions

Matthew, Mark, Luke & Genesis are the Four Gospel Books of the Bible

Jesus fed the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish

David was the first King of Israel

Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist

The death of the firstborn was the final plague to be visited on the Egyptians

Jonah spent three days and nights in the lion's den

Jesus was the son of a blacksmith

Jesus was born in Nazareth

Mary & Joseph were the Earthly parents of Jesus Christ

It was at a wedding in Damascus that Jesus turned water into wine

Judas Iscariot was the apostle who betrayed Jesus

Peter denied Jesus 8 times before the rooster crowed

The Old Testament and the Young Testament are the two divisions of the Christian Bible

There are 66 different books of the Bible

Jesus died on Good Friday and rose on Easter Saturday

Deuteronomy is the final book of the Bible

Timothy led the Israelites in the Battle of Jericho

Stephen was stoned to death

The Bible is the world's best-selling book

It took more than 1,500 years to write the Bible

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Now you’ve tested your knowledge of the good book, we’re sure now you know your Old Testament from your New Testament.

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