Ultimate Easy Christmas Quiz

Are you a lover of all things festive? Test your knowledge of mistletoe, carols, and the yuletide season with our easy Christmas quiz.

This easy Christmas quiz is ideal for the whole family to play together

Christmas is arguably the most popular holiday in the world. It’s a time when families and friends unite to celebrate together, with lots of great food and fun thrown in!

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We reckon you’ll score highly in this easy Christmas quiz

It’s a time we all love to over-indulge, with huge feasts of turkey, mince pies, candy, mulled wine and eggnog! It’s also a time to celebrate our love for one another, with plenty of gifts given and received.

Whether you’re taking part in Midnight Mass, carol singing, preparing Christmas dinner, or wrapping gifts in front of a roaring fire, Christmas is one of the most magical times of year. 

If you’re planning a trip to see loved ones this coming holiday season, why not pit your wits against your friends and family with our easy Christmas quiz. It’s not too taxing, and is definitely one that the whole family can enjoy.

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These easy Christmas trivia should be a doddle

Think you know Christmas movie trivia off by heart? Think you know every single lyric from ‘All I Want For Christmas’? Planning to stash the Brussel sprouts in your mound of mash potato when nobody’s looking?!

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you will love our easy Christmas quiz. Ready to play? Best of luck!

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We hope you enjoy these easy Christmas quiz questions and answers

Easy Christmas Quiz

Which date is Boxing Day?

How many days of Christmas are there, according to the song?

What do people traditionally do under mistletoe?

Which of the following is one of Santa's reindeer?

Which of these is a famous Christmas ballet?

What vegetable is typically used for a snowman's nose?

Which festive table decorations contain jokes, a paper hat, and a small gift?

Name the type of calendar that counts down the days to Christmas with a chocolate behind each window

Which of these would you not expect to see in a nativity scene?

Who sang 'All I Want for Christmas is You?'

Which meat is traditionally served for Christmas dinner?

Name the grumpy green character who stole Christmas

What color suit does Santa Claus wear?

To which country does Christmas Island belong?

What is the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time?


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Now you’ve tested your Crimbo knowledge, and pitted your skills against loved ones, we’ve no doubt you know your 12 Days of Christmas off by heart!

If you fancy testing your festive knowledge a little more, how about playing our Christmas movie quiz or our Christmas music quiz next!

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