Ultimate Boxing Day Quiz

From the birth of Boxing Day to the traditions and trivia around it, this is the perfect Boxing Day quiz for those after some festive fun!

boxing day quiz questions
These Boxing Day quiz questions will keep you entertained on the day!

While Christmas is quite rightly the bigger holiday, Boxing Day is a delight for savvy shoppers and those relaxing with their families. With that in mind, we’ve put together a little Boxing Day quiz packed with fun facts and tricky trivia!

Although we haven’t been celebrating Boxing Day as long as we have Christmas, there’s still plenty of history behind this holiday. Do you know where it was first celebrated, or which other holidays it happens to coincide with?

boxing day trivia questions and answers
There are some challenging Boxing Day trivia questions and answers coming up!

Do you have any idea what star sign a Boxing Day birthday would make you? Have you heard that some countries mark the day by jumping into the sea, or are you purely interested in the post-Christmas discounts?!

We’ll also touch on the historic events that’ve fallen on Boxing Day over the years, of course. On that note, expect questions on cricket, ex-presidents, and even The Beatles – variety is the spice of life, after all!

boxing day trivia questions
How much do you know about December 26? These Boxing Day trivia questions will test you

No matter your field of expertise, a fact or two you’ve had stored for future use is sure to crop up! Feeling ready to take on our Boxing Day trivia questions? Let’s go!

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Ready to play our Boxing Day quiz?

Boxing Day Quiz

When is Boxing Day celebrated?

In which country was the idea of Boxing Day first conceived?

Boxing Day coincides with which other celebration across most of Europe?

Which of the following is often eaten on Boxing Day?

Australia hosts a cricket test match every Boxing Day in which of its major cities?

In which country is Boxing Day also known as the Day of Goodwill?

According to astrology, what star sign would somebody born on Boxing Day fall under?

The Boxing Day Dip has become a tradition in the United Kingdom, with participants jumping into the sea wearing fancy dress to mark the occasion. In what year did the first dip take place?

History often saw employers giving their servants which of the following as a gift on Boxing Day?

Which other celebration, marked by millions, begins on Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is known by which other name due to the popularity of post-Christmas sales?

The Indian Ocean was rocked by a devastating combination of earthquake and tsunami on the Boxing Day of which year?

Which of the following US Presidents sadly passed on Boxing Day 2006?

The Beatles released which of these singles in the USA on Boxing Day 1963?

In a leap year, Boxing Day is day number ____ of the calendar year.


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Did you find our Boxing Day trivia questions tough, or did you ace the quiz? Either way, we hope you enjoyed the challenge!

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