Ultimate Quiz About 2022

From sporting events and movie milestones, to famous royals and political scandals, this general knowledge quiz about 2022 is a lot of fun!

general knowledge quiz questions about 2022
These general knowledge quiz questions about 2022 will challenge you!

2022 has been a year filled with big moments. There have been shocks and surprises in the worlds of music, movies, sport and politics.

Whether you’re an avid follower of the news or not, this quiz about 2022 will identify how much you’ve learned.

There were moments of elation in 2022. It was the year women’s football finally got the recognition it deserves. This quiz about 2022 has plenty of fun questions about sporting events, from Formula 1 to the Commonwealth Games and the Superbowl.

fun 2022 quiz questions
These fun 2022 quiz questions cover movies and entertainment

It hasn’t all been happy news either. 2022 was the year we said goodbye to a famous queen and a tragic war broke out.

2022 had its fair share of surprises too. Who could forget the moment a famous movie star made headlines at the Oscars for all the wrong reasons? Or the embarrassment of a world leader lasting just 44 days in office?!

This quiz about 2022’s events is the perfect way to round up the year. Whether this year has been one you’re keen to remember forever, or forget as quickly as possible, we think you’ll enjoy answering these quiz questions.

queen quiz questions
There were some huge world events in 2022

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There are 22 challenging quiz questions about 2022 coming up. Best of luck!

quiz about 2022
Ready for our fun quiz about 2022? Let’s go!

Quiz About 2022

Which monarch passed away in September 2022?

Which team won the 2022 UEFA European Women's Football Championship?

Beyonce released her 7th studio album in 2022. What is it called?

Who is the current Vice President of The USA?

In Formula One, who won their 2nd World Championship in 2022?

What is the name of NASA’s latest space telescope?

Which country won the Six Nations Rugby Championship in 2022?

Which of these legends headlined Glastonbury in 2022?

Which British Prime Minister only lasted 44 days in office in 2022?

No time to die won the award for Best Original Song at the Oscars in 2022, but who sang it?

David Beckham queued to see the Queen lying in state. But how many hours did he queue for?

Tom Cruise starred in the Top Gun sequel, which was the biggest movie of 2022, but what is its full title?

Which team won the Superbowl in 2022?

Which of these rappers passed away in 2022?

In which British city were the Commonwealth Games held in 2022?

Which popular band embarked on their Music of the Spheres tour in 2022?

Which movie star hit the headlines after slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars in 2022?

What is the surname of the Ukrainian president?

Which social media network did Elon Musk take over in 2022?

Which of the Kardashians got married in 2022?

What is the name of the climate change conference that was held in Egypt in November 2022?

Which country won the most medals at the Commonwealth Games in 2022?

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