Ultimate Quiz about the Queen

From famous faces and moments in history, to memorable dates, test your knowledge of the British Royal Family with this special quiz about The Queen.

queen quiz questions
These queen quiz questions cover a range of topics

How well do you know the British Royal Family? Are you a royalist or a follower of the news? Do you adore the queen?

If you’re putting up the bunting to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II‘s 70th year on the throne this year, you’re going to love playing our Queen quiz!

She may be the longest reigning monarch Britain has ever seen, but how much do you know about her incredible life? Can you recall key dates in history such as the year she got married or had her children?

quiz about the queen
Do you know all of the queen’s residences? We’ll test that in this quiz about the queen!

Do you know stats on her homes including Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and Balmoral? What about the countries around the world who acknowledge her as head of state? Could you name them? When it comes to recent events in the news – have you kept up with all the queen-related stories?

This quiz about The Queen will test not only your general knowledge, but also challenge your history, geography and even entertainment trivia.

queens jubilee quiz questions
There are 15 challenging Queen quiz questions coming up

Whether you threw a street party to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee or you just love history trivia, this quiz about the queen is guaranteed to provide some entertainment.

There are 15 questions in our queen quiz in total. While there are a few easy ones, some of them will definitely have you scratching your heads!

quiz about queen elizabeth
This quiz about Queen Elizabeth II covers the whole of her life on the throne

So hop up on your golden throne, pour yourself a cup of English breakfast tea, slather some cream and jam on a scone and start waving your Union Jack flag in the air. It’s time for our ultimate quiz about Queen Elizabeth II.

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Ultimate Quiz Questions and Answers about The Queen

The Queen was born on the 21st April of which year?
After Queen Elizabeth, who is the 2nd longest reigning monarch in British Royal Family history?
Where did the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II take place?
How many rooms are there in Buckingham Palace?
The Queen is head of state of how many countries in the Commonwealth realm?
In which year did The Queen (Princess Elizabeth at the time) marry Prince Philip?
Which of the Queen’s four children was born in 1948?
Which of these actresses has not played or is not going to play The Queen in The Crown?
Which member of the Royal Family has two children named Lilibet and Archie?
Who designed the Queen's wedding dress?
Who is second in line to the throne?
In 1992 there was a big fire at one of the Queen’s official homes. Which one?
Which country was Elizabeth the queen of between 1964 to 1974?
Which train line did the Queen officially open this year?
Which of these countries is the Queen NOT a head of state of?

Are you feeling like a king or queen after playing our fun quiz about Queen Elizabeth II? We hope you celebrate your result in true royal style.

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