Ultimate Royal Family Quiz Questions

From kings and queens to triumphs and tragedies, will your memory for monarchy prove enough to tackle our Royal Family quiz questions?

King Charles III quiz
These British Royal family quiz questions will test your knowledge

The recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II marked the end of an era for many, and all eyes are on King Charles III as he takes the reins from his mother. With that in mind, we’ve put together a set of Royal Family quiz questions to see how much you really know about the British royals!

We’ll be sticking to the immediate family for the most part, but expect questions on the monumental marriages, charitable enterprises and personal lives of your favourite royals. We’ve even thrown in a few historical head-scratchers!

queen quiz questions
How much do you really know about the Royal Family?

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth had two middle names, and can you recall what they are? Were you aware that several royals have competed in the Olympic Games over the years?

Do you know which university Kate and William first met at, and which football team their son supports? Did you watch Prince Harry’s wedding ceremony back in 2018, and can you recall who he married?

We’ll have all of these British Royal Family questions and plenty more, too, so expect a few surprises mixed in! We’re hoping for some high scores, so show us just how well-read you are on royalty!

quiz about the queen
There are questions about royal residences in these Royal Family quiz questions

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British Royal Family Quiz Questions

Who acceded to the throne after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II?

Which famous British Royal tragically passed in a car crash?

What were Queen Elizabeth II's two middle names?

How old was Prince Philip at the time of his death?

Who did Prince Harry marry in 2018?

Which King became the first monarch to voluntarily abdicate the throne?

Princess Anne and her daughter, Zara Tindall, have both participated in which sport at the Olympic Games?

Where do the Royal Family traditionally spend Christmas?

What church do the British Royal family belong to?

What is the name of Harry and Meghan's recently established non-profit organization?

Prince William and Duchess Kate met while they both attended which university?

What football team do Prince William and Prince George support?

Who did Kate Middleton’s engagement ring once belong to?

Queen Elizabeth II was great-grandmother to how many great-grandchildren?

On what date did Prince Charles take the throne?


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How did you get on with these Royal Family questions? There was definitely a toughie or two in there, but we hope you came out with a score you’re proud of!

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