Ultimate King Charles Quiz

From his time in the Royal Air Force to his palaces and children, our King Charles quiz will test your knowledge of the British Royal Family.

King Charles III quiz
This King Charles III quiz will test your royal knowledge

The Royal Family are loved by Brits and many more across the world. With the tragic passing of Queen Elizabeth II and her son’s ascent to the throne, we’ve put together the best King Charles quiz we could to test the wits of the world’s royalists!

King Charles trivia questions and answers
These King Charles trivia questions and answers cover all of his life

While the Royal Family’s highs and lows make global news on a daily basis, not everyone will be as familiar with the new King himself. Fear not – we’ll be covering Charles’ past and present, from his time in the military to the charitable causes he’s championed over the years.

King Charles trivia questions and answers
How well do you know our new king? This King Charles trivia will test that!

Do you know what year the new King was born, or what age he was when he took his throne this year? Are you familiar with his personal life and how many children he has?

Did you know that Charles once published his own children’s book? Have you heard about the time he was famously summoned to take his seat in the House of Lords?

There will be plenty of King Charles trivia questions on the topics we’ve touched on above, and some other tricky questions too! If you fancy your chances at a regal score, read on and impress us with your memory for monarchy!

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King Charles III quiz
It’s time to play our King Charles III quiz!

King Charles Quiz

On what date was King Charles III born?

Charles III became the oldest person to accede to the British throne at what age?

Charles was the first member of the Royal Family to obtain a degree, but which university did he study at?

When did Charles marry 'The People's Princess', Diana Spencer?

How many sons does King Charles III have?

What year did Charles III enrol in the Royal Air Force?

King Charles founded a charitable organization that promotes education and career opportunities for young people - what's it called?

When was Charles first named the Prince of Wales?

On becoming king, Prince Charles could have chosen one of several names for his regnal name. Which of the following was NOT an option?

What does the Welsh phrase ‘Tywysog Cymru’ mean?

Where was King Charles born?

What was the name of the children’s book published by Charles in 1980, depicting an area near Balmoral?

What is the name of Charles' eldest son?

Although she was entitled to use the 'Princess of Wales' title, Camilla went by what title instead upon marrying Charles in 2005?

In what year did Charles take his seat in the House of Lords?


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How did you get on with our King Charles trivia questions? Have you come away with a jolly good score, or were some questions a right royal pain to answer?!

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