Ultimate Labor Day Trivia Questions and Answers

Held in honor of our workers, Labor Day is a beloved American holiday. Are you knowledgeable enough to tackle our Labor Day trivia questions?

labor day trivia questions and answers

Labor Day is a momentous celebration of the contributions made by workers to America’s strength, prosperity, and society.

While the holiday serves as a celebration of worker’s rights, you may have your work cut out answering our Labor Day trivia questions!

We’ve got questions ranging from the very first Labor Day celebration to the beliefs behind it’s creation, so expect a challenge! There’s even a couple of wildcards here for sports and fashion fans, so don’t count yourself out if history isn’t your strong suit!

history of labor day
How much do you know about Labor Day?

Do you know what date the holiday falls on each year, and when it first became a federal holiday? Are you confident you know what the celebrations usually entail, or which sport traditionally plays their kick-off game shortly after?

Whether you’re a supporter of worker’s rights or simply passionate about American history, our Labor Day quiz should be the perfect challenge. Without any further ado, pop your thinking cap on and give it your all – we’ll be rooting for you!

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labor day quiz questions
It’s time for our questions about Labor Day!

Labor Day Trivia Questions

On what date is Labor Day celebrated?

In what year was Labor Day first recognised as an official federal holiday in the USA?

Which President signed the bill declaring Labor day a federal holiday?

An additional Labor Day was proposed in 1909, though didn't catch on - what day was this supposed to fall on?

Which sport traditionally plays their kick-off game the Thursday after Labor Day?

The fashion industry has been known to call Labor Day the last acceptable day to wear which color?

Where was the first national Labor Day celebration held?

Who do many consider to be the unofficial founders of Labor Day?

Labor Day celebrations often encompass which of the following?

What percentage of workers belonged to a labor union in the US as of 2020?

How many workers marched in the first Labor Day parade from City Hall to Union Square?

Which of the following was the first national labor federation founded in the United States?

Which of these was pivotal to the beliefs underpinning the Labor Union Movements 'eight hour day'?

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), How many children worldwide are forced to engage in child labor?

What famous singer was born on Labor Day, 1936?


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Score a touchdown, or did you get sacked by our quiz?

So, how’d you find today’s Labor Day quiz? Did you manage a perfect score or could you do with brushing up on your history some more? Don’t worry too much either way – if you learned a neat new fact or two it was totally worth it!

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