Ultimate US Presidents Quiz Questions and Answers

The presidency is an honor, with the finest presidents enshrined in history. Our US Presidents quiz should test even the most devoted patriot!

us presidents quiz questions and answers

Very few men have held the title of President since the United States was formed, but all will be remembered for their service.

The presidency comes with huge responsibility attached, with the holder duty-bound to forget a brighter future for America. Do you know enough about our country’s history to tackle our US Presidents quiz?

Prepare for brainteasers aplenty, with questions going as far back as some of the very first presidents of the United States. Do you remember the famous Executive Mansion, and are you aware what it became? Can you remember which president was known to the Secret Service by the codename ‘Rawhide’?

us presidents trivia
How much do you know about US Presidents?

Do you know the name of the president who drafted the first ten amendments of the US Constitution, now integral to law and order? Can you recall how many individual presidencies there’s been since the United States of America were founded?

Expect to find all of the above and even more US presidents trivia as you tackle today’s quiz – show us how well you know your history!

We’ve made sure there’s something for everyone here, so jump on in – you may surprise yourself!

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questions about us presidents
It’s time to put your US Presidents trivia to the test

US Presidents Quiz

How many years does a single presidential term typically last?

President Theodore Roosevelt renamed the 'Executive Mansion' - by what name is it now known?

Which American president was nicknamed the “Comeback Kid” in 1992?

In which war did George H.W. Bush serve as a torpedo bomber pilot?

Which government office was held by Thomas Jefferson before his presidency?

Which American inventor helped doctors detect the bullet in President James A. Garfield's body in 1881?

Who was the first American president to live in the White House?

Which president's first name was actually Hiram?

Who was the first president to be born a US citizen?

Which president was known by the Secret Service codename 'Rawhide'?

Which US president drafted the first ten amendments of the Constitution?

Which president was infamously assassinated in Dallas, 1963?

What was President Donald Trump's campaign slogan during the build up to the 2016 presidential election?

As of 2022, how many individual US Presidencies have there been?

Who holds the distinction of being the longest serving US President to date?


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quiz about us presidents
Do you feel like you’ve conquered the White House?

We don’t know about you, but today’s US presidents trivia has left us feeling positively patriotic! How did you fare – perfect score, or study more? No matter how you did, we hope you enjoyed learning a little about our country’s leaders!

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