Ultimate Mexican Quiz Questions and Answers

From Dia de los Muertos to the secrets behind Mexico’s favorite dishes, our Mexican quiz should challenge even the most cultural of quizzers!

Mexico quiz
These Mexican quiz questions and answers are a lot of fun!

Mexican culture is truly fascinating and utterly incomparable to anywhere else in the world. The country boasts an array of exotic delicacies, outlandish sports, and unique celebrations that make it well worth a visit for any traveler. But will your knowledge of Mexican culture be enough to score top marks in our Mexican quiz?

Mexican quiz questions
Your stomach may be rumbling as you scroll through these Mexican quiz questions!

We’ve chosen a range of questions to challenge even the most well-versed of tourists, so be prepared! How familiar are you with Mexico’s famous Day of the Dead, and how long do you think the country typically celebrates Independence Day?

Mexican trivia questions
These Mexican trivia questions include some about Day of the Dead

Can our foodies identify the main ingredient of guacamole, one of Mexico’s most beloved dishes? Can you recall which currency the country currently uses or the bird that features prominently on the Mexican flag?

Mexican quiz questions
These Mexican quiz questions include some food-themed rounds

We’ll cover all of the above and plenty more, so if you’re confident you can handle our Mexican trivia questions, read on! Who knows – we might just inspire you to make some last-minute holiday plans!

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Mexican trivia questions
Best of luck with these Mexican trivia questions!

Mexican Quiz Questions

When was Mexico first made its own Sovereign State?

According to recent statistics released in 2020, Mexico is home to approximately how many people?

Mexico is divided into how many political states?

Which of the following is the country's official currency?

According to recent studies, which of these surnames is most common in Mexico?

"Te Amo" means what in Spanish?

The main ingredient of guacamole, the alligator pear, is better known by which other name?

How long do Mexican Independence Day celebrations usually last for?

What traditional Christmas plant is native to Mexico?

Which of the following traditions are observed on Mexico's Day of the Dead?

Which sport is traditionally held at The Plaza?

Which of the following religions is most prevalent in Mexico?

How many different languages are spoken across the country?

Mexico's flag features which of the following birds?

Which alcoholic beverage is popular in Mexico?


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So, how did you fare with our Mexican trivia questions? There were certainly a couple of toughies there, so hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two!

If you had fun with our quiz, we’ve got plenty more for you to challenge when you’re ready. Take a look around the site and see what catches your eye – your perfect score awaits!

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