Ultimate General Knowledge Quiz About Ireland

From world-renowned writers to celebrated saints, can you uncover the Emerald Isle’s mysteries and tackle our general knowledge quiz about Ireland?

general knowledge quiz about ireland

The Emerald Isle is a wonder to behold, covered in rolling rivers and dotted with medieval castles. Ireland has a truly fascinating history dating back centuries, but do you know enough to tackle our general knowledge quiz about Ireland?

If you’ve never visited before, you may not know how many people live there, or Ireland’s most beautiful landmarks. How much do you know about Ireland’s natural landmarks or the many exports it’s become famous for?

The isle is known for more than its exports – many a famous face was born in Ireland. Can you name the novel that earned Dublin’s own Bram Stoker worldwide renown, or which Harry Potter stars call Ireland home?

irish quiz
How much do you know about Ireland?

The isles have seen great upheaval over the years and only adopted their current currency in 1999. Can you remember which currency they used previously or the year women won the right to vote?  

We’ve put together a real range of Irish quiz questions, so have your thinking hats at the ready! While there’s no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, pride alone is reason enough to chase that perfect score!

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Daniel O’Connell was hailed as the Liberator of Ireland

General Knowledge Quiz About Ireland

The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have a total collective population of how many people?

Which of the following is the longest river in Ireland?

Which vegetable was first introduced to Dublin by Oliver Cromwell in 1649?

Cork was the largest exporter of which product during the 19th century?

When was abortion first officially legalized in Ireland?

Bram Stoker, the famous Irish novelist, became famous for which of the following published works?

Which of the following Harry Potter stars is NOT of Irish descent?

Before adopting the Euro in 1999, which of the following was the official currency of Ireland?

What term was used in reference to the conflict in Northern Ireland between the late 1960s and 1998?

Which of the following religions is most prevalent in Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland joined which international organisation in 1973?

What nickname was Ireland given during the period of economic growth they underwent between 1990 and 2000?

In which century did Saint Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, live?

The Irish Civil War began in which year?

When were women first given the right to vote in Ireland?


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Did you find the pot of gold?

Did any of our quiz questions about Ireland prove a tad too tricky for you, or was the luck of the Irish on your side today? There were some toughies in there, so congratulations for making it through!

If we’ve put you in the mood to tackle another batch of tricky trivia, fear not. Have a browse through our collection and sharpen those general knowledge skills!

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