Ultimate Irish History Quiz Questions and Answers

Are you the ultimate Irish history buff? Take this Irish history quiz to test how much you really know about the Emerald Isle!

irish history quiz questions and answers

The Republic of Ireland has only stood as we know it for around 60 years, yet Irish people and their culture have been scattered throughout history.

From huge Irish populations in cities like Boston, Chicago and New York, you’re never far from an Irishman. And that usually means you’re never far from an Irish pub too!

This Irish history quiz will test your Irish trivia on facts like when St. Patrick’s Day is, when Irish women were allowed to vote, and a bit about the history of Dublin too.

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How much do you know about your Irish history?

Irish people are known for their passion, fight and determination. You won’t need so much to take on this quiz, but a little luck of the Irish never hurt anyone.

The Republic of Ireland comes with so much lore; Leprechauns, shamrocks, St. Patrick – we could go on here.

That’s why in this quiz we have focused more on the genuine history of the Irish as opposed to folklore.

Take on our Irish history quiz below and test your knowledge on the amazing history of Ireland!

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Let’s hope you don’t need a 4 leaf clover!

Irish History Quiz Questions

What day is St. Patrick’s Day?

In which year did the Irish Civil War end?

When did the constitution of Eire come into force? 1930 1932 1934 1938

What is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland?

In Ireland, when were women given the right to vote?

In 1949, which historical event occurred?

In 1916, which rebellion took place to denounce British rule?

During the Potato Famine, most families emigrated to which country?

During the Iron Age, which group of people moved to Ireland from Europe?

Which Irish city was founded by vikings?

The Book of Kells, a famous script stored in Dublin, is what?

Who was Ireland’s first President?

Which well-known holiday originates from the Irish festival ‘Samhain’?


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How did you get on? In need of a pint of black?

We hope you enjoyed playing our Irish history questions! It’s amazing how much history there is in the Emerald Isle!

Challenge your friends and family by sharing these Ireland history questions and see if they can beat your score!

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