Ultimate Diwali Quiz Questions and Answers

The Festival of Light is almost upon us and it’s time to celebrate Diwali. Let’s find out how bright you are by taking a pop at our Diwali quiz!

diwali quiz questions

Diwali may not be widely recognized in the United States, but it’s perhaps one of the most unique and colorful celebrations in the world.

Celebrated worldwide by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and a minority of Buddhists, Diwali is the time when everything begins anew. It’s a time to write a new chapter in life.

The festival commemorates the symbolic triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Over a billion people rejoice in its religious significance around the world, so it’s a massive festival.

Naturally, with such a diverse array of followers, there’s Diwali trivia enough to challenge even the most inquisitive quizzer!

diwali quiz questions
Do you know any fun facts about Diwali?

Here at Ultimate Quiz Questions, we enjoy a good challenge, so today’s Diwali Quiz goes deep into the details and deities of Diwali.

When did it first begin, where is it celebrated, and how long does it last? We’ll be looking for answers to all of the above and more, so pop your thinking caps on and reminisce on those Sunday School sessions that left you drowsy as a child.

No matter how you do, you’ll finish the quiz knowing more than when you began, so give it your best – perhaps you’ll surprise yourself!

diwali fun facts
Let’s hope there’s fireworks for you at the end of this quiz!

Diwali Quiz Questions

How many days is Diwali celebrated over?

From what language is the name ‘Diwali’ derived?

In what month of the Hindu Calendar does Diwali take place across MOST of India?

Which of the following is Diwali a celebration of, according to Hinduism?

Sita, the wife of Prince Rama, is said to be an incarnation of which Goddess?

South Indians celebrate Diwali in honor of Lord Krishna’s defeat of the Demon King. What was his name

Most followers share the belief that Diwali, in part, honors Lakshmi, but what is she the Goddess of?

Which of these is traditionally performed on the first day of Diwali?

The second day of Diwali, dedicated to the lighting of lamps and preparation of sweets, is named what?

What oil is traditional when lighting lamps in honor of Diwali?

The third day of Diwali is the most significant. Hindus celebrate by lighting thousands of clay lamps and setting some adrift on the rivers, followed by fireworks and jubilation. What do these traditions represent? Warding off evil spirits Farewell to the deceased All of the above

How is the fourth day of Diwali usually celebrated?

Bhai Dhooj, the fifth day of Diwali, is dedicated to the bond between siblings. This stems from legends of the love between Lord Yama and his sister, but what was her name?

What type of body art is often practiced by women during Diwali?

How long ago do historians estimate Diwali was first celebrated?

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And that’s everything for this year’s Diwali Quiz! Did you do better than you expected, or was it a handy opportunity to brush up on your Diwali facts?

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