Ultimate Spanish Quiz Questions and Answers

From Spanish phrases to fun facts and trivia, these Spanish quiz questions will put your knowledge to the test!

These Spanish trivia questions will challenge you
These Spanish trivia questions will challenge you

Are you a keen sangria drinker? Can you name Spain’s main cities? How about its different regions…? If you are up for a challenge and feel you have a good grasp of Spanish history, culture and language, then give these Spanish trivia questions a try!

These Spain quiz questions cover a little bit of everything
These Spain quiz questions cover a little bit of everything

While you may have eaten a paella or two, do you know what gives chorizo its distinctive color or how to order a beer? Do you have what it takes? Like a matador, can you face the bull or will our Spanish trivia questions have you running in fear?

With a great mix of Spanish language quiz questions, together with questions on food, drinks, dance and much more, you will really be put to the test. If you’ve played our German quiz, this is a great one to try next!

Spanish quiz questions
Get to know Spain better with these Spanish quiz questions

This Spain quiz will ask you about the country’s culinary traditions, its UNESCO recognised entertainment, famous literary works and some tricky language questions too. You’ll learn a lot, no matter your ability!

In our Spain quiz, you will find 15 multiple choice quiz questions, each with a choice of 4 answers. There is only one correct answer, so make sure you choose carefully!

From geography to language these Spanish quiz questions are definitely varied
From geography to language these Spanish quiz questions are definitely varied

Spanish Quiz Questions

How do you say ‘cheers’ in Spanish?

Which of the following is a world famous Spanish sheep's cheese?

Which traditional Spanish dance originated in Andalusia and is recognised by UNESCO as a heritage of humanity?

Which of the languages below have NOT influenced modern Spanish?

The popular holiday resort of Benidorm lies on which coastline?

Translate this Spanish phrase into English - ‘’Disculpa. ¿Dónde está el baño?’’

Which Valencian town is host to the famous annual ‘La Tomatina’ festival?

Which spice gives chorizo its distinctive color?

In which Spanish city is the iconic Guggenheim Museum?

Which traditional Spanish drink comes from Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia?

Which tiny country is located between Spain and France?

Which spice produced in Spain is worth more than its weight in gold?

The donkey Rocinante is a character in which Spanish book?

Spanish is a popular language, but where does it come in the list of the world’s most spoken languages?

How would you ask for a beer in Spanish?

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