Ultimate Astronomy Quiz Questions

From famous astronauts to facts about planets and stars, these astronomy quiz questions will test even the keenest space enthusiast.

astronomy quiz
This astronomy quiz will challenge the biggest stargazers

Are you a keen stargazer? Can you name the planets in the Solar System? How about the many moons of Saturn…? If you’re looking for a challenge and are willing to go to infinity and beyond to test your knowledge of astronomy, then this is the quiz for you!

How well do you know the planets? These astronomy trivia questions will test that!

Our astronomy trivia questions will test your grasp of space science. While you might know what a solar eclipse is, can you name the brightest object in the night sky or define a light year? Will you show yourself as a shining star or will you be just one of many?

We will ask you about important moments in space travel, facts about the different planets in the Solar System and stats about significant objects in space. Some of these astronomy trivia questions will test you on well-known facts, while others will test your knowledge on new science.

night sky filled with stars
If you love looking at the night sky filled with stars, this astronomy quiz is for you

There are 15 astronomy quiz questions in total with a choice of 4 answers for each. Only one is correct, so choose wisely and may the force be with you!

rocket going to space
Time to blast off! Best of luck!

Ultimate Astronomy Quiz Questions and Answers

The existence of black holes was predicted by which eminent scientist’s ‘Theory of General Relativity’?

A total solar eclipse occurs when…

Neil Armstrong became the first person to step foot on the Moon in 1969 followed by Buzz Aldrin, but what was the name of their third crewmate who remained in the Apollo 11 command module?

After the Moon, what is the brightest object in the night sky?

Saturn is the planet with the most moons in the Solar System. How many moons does it have?

The main asteroid belt in our solar system lies between the orbits of which 2 planets?

Dwarf planets are smaller planets with similar objects present in their orbit of the sun. Which of the options below are dwarf planets in our Solar System?

A light year is the distance travelled by light in how many Earth years?

The atmosphere of Mars is a lot thinner than on Earth and is made up of 2.8% nitrogen, 2% argon, less than 1% oxygen and 95% of which other gas?

Our planet sits within the Solar System which sits within a galaxy. What is this galaxy called?

Our Solar System is 4.6 billion years old, but how old is the Earth?

Which country was the first to travel in space?

Halley’s Comet is the most famous comet orbiting the Sun and can be seen from Earth every 76 years. When will Halley’s Comet next return to our skies?

Which planet in the Solar System is furthest from the Sun?

Which planet is known for its distinctive red spot caused by an anti-cyclone?

Did you reach for the stars and get 15 out of 15 or do you need to pay more attention to what you can see from your bedroom window?

If you had fun playing this astronomy quiz, how about challenging your friends and family next? Find out who’s star shines the brightest!

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