Ultimate Periodic Table Questions and Answers

From noble gases to atomic masses, how do you think your scientific smarts will fare against our periodic table questions and answers?

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While you probably aren’t using the periodic table on a daily basis, the elements it contains are the building blocks behind the world we live in. Do you have the scientific savvy you’ll need to tackle today’s periodic table questions and answers?

We’ve included questions on everything from atoms and electrons to the properties of certain chemicals, so prepare for some puzzlers!

Do you know when the first periodic table was introduced or how many families its elements are divided into?

Could you tell us what value determines an elements order in the table, or how many rows it includes in total?

Do you know which elements are known for their reactivity to water, or which is the most conductive?

questions about the periodic table
How much do you know about the periodic table?

Can you remember learning about the noble gases back in high school science and what makes them so special? Do you reckon you could still name any of them today?

We’ll be covering all of the above and plenty more in today’s periodic table quiz, so prepare for a challenge! Whether you’re confident in your chemical know-how or could use a refresher, read on and give us your best shot!

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periodic table trivia
It’s time to test your periodic table trivia

Periodic Table Questions

When was the first periodic table introduced?

By what value are elements in the modern periodic table ordered by?

How many rows make up the periodic table?

Which of the following is the chemical symbol for potassium?

What does an atomic number indicate?

Which family do the periodic table's yellow atoms belong to?

How many electrons do most atoms require to be stable?

Which of the following is the most conductive metal on the periodic table?

Which family of elements are characterized by their stability and lack of reactivity?

Which of these is classed as a noble gas?

How many elements make up the first row of the periodic table?

Which element shares the same number of valence electrons as tellurium?

Which elemental group contains elements known for their reactivity with water?

Which of the following element sets are all classified as non-metals?

As the atomic number in a period increases, the atomic radii in that same period will ________?


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Ace it like Einstein?

So, was coming up with the answers for today’s periodic table quiz questions an elementary affair? Congratulations to the atom aficionados who took home high score. We’re not going to lie, a few of these had us scratching our heads!

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