20 BEST Biology Quiz Questions and Answers

From facts about the human body to scientific trivia about the animal world, these biology quiz questions will truly test your knowledge!

biology quiz questions

Looking for the best biology trivia questions?

Was biology your favorite subject at school? If so, can you name a famous biologist? How about what they discovered…? Can you still label all the parts of a cell without breaking a sweat?

If you are up for a challenge and are a bit of a whizz at science trivia, then we have the ideal set of biology quiz questions for you! Maybe gather up your friends and family members and make a friendly competition out of this awesome biology quiz!

biology quiz questions
These biology quiz questions cover lots areas of science

These biology trivia questions will truly put your know-how to the test. While you might know the difference between a mammal and an amphibian, do you know human blood types or the definition of DNA? Will you excel or will your experiment go horribly wrong?!

Rack your brains for all the high school biology knowledge you can. Flashback to textbooks and lab sessions and find those all-important biology quiz answers! Can you still ace this little test or will you be at the back of the class?

biology quiz questions
Time to test your brain power with these biology quiz questions

We will ask you about a range of topics relating to biology including facts about the human body, key scientific breakthroughs, unique places on Earth and of course a few fun questions about the animal kingdom. These biology quiz questions will be both easy and challenging to keep you on your feet!

There are 20 biology quiz questions and answers below and each question is accompanied by a choice of 4 answers. Only one of these answers is correct, so make sure you choose carefully.

biology trivia questions
These biology trivia questions are challenging

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Biology Quiz Questions

What is the name of the process through which plants transform sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and energy?

Mycology is the study of what?

Which cells in the human body are mostly produced in bone marrow?

What is the smallest bone in the human body?

What does the N stand for in the acronym DNA?

Which disease is caused by a vitamin C deficiency?

What was the name of the famous British scientist who came up with the theory of natural selection?

Which part of the human body is responsible for producing insulin?

Which of the following animals are only naturally found on Madagascar?

If you spotted a groundhog in the wild, in which part of the world are you likely to be?

A flying fox is a type of what?

The Great Barrier Reef is which one of the following?

What is the rarest human blood type?

Dolly the Sheep was the first animal cloned from a somatic cell. In which year was she born?

Before you can become a medical doctor, some medical schools still require you to swear which oath?

What is known as the powerhouse of the cell?

What is the scientific name for the kneecap?

Who is the famous evolutionary biologist who traveled on The Beagle?

What bird lays the largest eggs?

Dolphins travel in family groups called what?

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