20 BEST Call of Duty Quiz Questions and Answers

From huge historical set pieces to iconic characters, Call of Duty is a gaming behemoth. What rank will you achieve in our Call of Duty quiz?

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Looking for the best Call of Duty trivia questions?

From modest beginnings in the early 2000s, Call of Duty has grown to become Activision’s most prolific title. With thousands of players worldwide, it burst onto the scene and quickly became a smash hit with gamers of all ages.

Whether the latest game has you fighting the good fight in World War Two or confronting the near future, the action is always familiar and engaging. Our Call of Duty quiz questions will put your knowledge of the franchise to the test, both past and present!

Do you know when Call of Duty first made its debut, and how many players have given the series a try since then? Have you tried your hand at any of the spin-offs we’ve seen, and do you remember which came first?

We’re here to put your Call of Duty knowledge to the test and see if you’re as big a fan of the franchise as you think you are. There’s no respawning here – you get one chance to prove your CoD supremacy to all your gamer friends.

call of duty trivia
It’s time to put your Call of Duty knowledge to the test

Call of Duty wouldn’t have seen half the success it has without the addition of its Zombies mode, but do you know which game introduced it? Can you name the iconic map that made it so popular, and did you hunt down the easter eggs hidden across its successors?

We’re covering all bases here, so expect questions on some of the franchise’s most popular characters, settings, and game modes, alongside preposterous pro-gaming prizes and impressive world records. Let’s see how you fare with our Call of Duty trivia – we’ll be pressing F to pay respects to your efforts!

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call of duty quiz questions and answers
Let’s see if you’re a marksman in our quiz below!

Call of Duty Quiz Questions

In what year was the first Call of Duty game released?

Zombies, one of Call of Duty’s most popular game modes, first appeared in which game?

Which of the following characters has NOT appeared in a Call of Duty game?

Exo Suits were introduced as a feature in which modern CoD title?

Which of these Call of Duty spin-off titles was released first?

In which TV series is the lead character seen playing Call of Duty?

What is the goal in a multiplayer game of Domination?

In eSports, how much money did the winning team of 2015’s Call of Duty Championship receive?

Which war does ‘Call of Duty: World at War’ take place during?

Gary Oldman voices which Call of Duty Character?

The Guinness World Record for Longest Videogame Marathon (First Person Shooter) in history was set playing Call of Duty for how many hours?

Activision estimates that over 100 million people have played at least one Call of Duty game, a total higher than the population of which country?

Which country was found to have used footage from ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ as part of an Anti-American propaganda campaign?

Activating all three sickle-holding teddy bears on the Ascension map in ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ triggers an easter egg that plays which of the following songs?

What was the first map featured as part of the ‘Nazi Zombies’ game mode in ‘Call of Duty: World at War’?

Which studio developed the original Call of Duty game?

Which Call of Duty game featured the character "Soap" MacTavish?

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019, which faction is Captain Price a part of?

Which game features the mission "No Russian," causing controversy for its depiction of a terrorist attack?

In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, what is the name of the artificial intelligence antagonist?

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call of duty trivia questions and answers
Did you survive?

So, how’d you score on our rapid-fire Call of Duty trivia?

Challenge your friends and see how they measure up or leave us a message in the comments below with any fun facts you’d like to see included in future Call of Duty quizzes!

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