Ultimate Car Ride Trivia Questions

With miles to go and time to burn, bring some fun to your journey by seeing how your travel buddies fare with our car ride trivia questions!

car ride trivia questions
These car ride trivia questions make journeys a lot of fun!

Though the destination usually makes it all worth it, there’s no denying that travelling can get a tad boring. With that in mind, we’ve put together some car ride trivia questions to liven up your journey!

We’ve gone a real mixture of trivia in today’s quiz so everybody can get involved along the way. Whether you’re a history buff, entertainment enthusiast or geography junkie, we’ve got just the ideal general knowledge questions for you!

road trip quiz questions
The whole family can answer these road trip quiz questions

Do you know which animated TV show holds the record for the longest run? Do you know which novel Stephen King first found fame with, or when Sci-Fi aficionados officially celebrate Star Wars Day?

Have you any clue which country recognizes the unicorn as its national animal? Do you know where in the US you’d find the two Disney resorts, or which US tourist spot sees the most visitors each year?

car ride trivia question
There are a range of topics in our car ride trivia questions and answers

Expect all of the above and more among our road trip trivia questions – we did say we wanted something in there for everyone! You could even pit your passengers wits against one another, and let’s see who comes out on top!

If you enjoyed our car ride trivia questions and need ideas to keep the children busy, try our kids general knowledge quiz!

If you’re looking for trivia games for car rides, you’ve come to the right place!

Car Ride Trivia Questions

Who was the first President of the United States?

Which of the following was the United States' first National Park?

When do fans of the franchise celebrate Star Wars Day?

Which of these is officially the longest river in the USA?

Which of the following was the first novel published by Stephen King under his own name?

Which of these is the longest running animated TV show?

Which of the following is the best-selling book series of the 21st century?

What is the most visited tourist destination in the US?

When was the first generation of iPhone released in the USA?

Which country boasts the greatest number of pyramids?

Disney has resorts in which two US states?

The unicorn is the national animal of which country?

What was New York called prior to its renaming?

In which state was the first parking meter installed?

How many different languages are actively spoken today?


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We hope our road trip trivia questions were a welcome bit of fun as you count down those miles! Apologies if we drove you up the wall with the tricky ones!

If you enjoyed today’s quiz and still have a way to go yet, why not try another general knowledge quiz? We’ve plenty to choose from, so pick your favourite and keep yourself and your fellow passengers entertained!

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