Ultimate Cat Quiz Questions and Answers

From famed feline inventions to toes, tastebuds and tilted ears, we’ve put together the purr-fect cat quiz questions to test your knowledge!

cat quiz questions
These cat quiz questions will test your knowledge of the feline world

We’ve kept cats as pets for a staggering 9500 years, a testament to the impact they’ve had on the world we share. Over the years, we’ve seen cats worshipped as gods, inherit their owner’s fortunes, and even rise to fame.

cat trivia quiz
From breeds to attributes, this cat trivia quiz is challenging

So with cats being so loved, we decided to put together 15 cat quiz questions to see how well you know our feline friends.

questions about cats
We hope you enjoy these questions about cats

While lions, tigers and other wildcats are fascinating, we’ll be keeping our focus strictly on cats that aren’t likely to eat us. Domestic cats are quite a diverse bunch – do you know just how many different species there are out there?

cat quiz questions
How adorable! Any cat lover will enjoy these cat quiz questions

Do you know many bones make up a cat’s body, or how fast they can move at full speed? How about how many toes they have on each paw? We wouldn’t recommend pestering your own moggy to find out unless you fancy counting the claws too!

Our tricky cat trivia will answer all of the above for you and more, so whether it’s facts about cartoon cats or record-breaking toms you’re confident on, we’ve something here for you. Put your knowledge to the test, paws for thought, and see how you fare!

cat trivia quiz
This cat trivia quiz is full of fun questions

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Cat Quiz Questions

How many cat breeds does The International Cat Association recognize in championship competitions?

Cats are unable to taste which of the following kinds of food?

One human year is approximately equivalent to how many cat years?

In 1988, British millionaire Ben Rea chose to leave the majority of his £7,000,000 ($12,500,000) fortune to his last surviving cat rather than his estranged family. What was the cat’s name?

How many toes do cats usually have in total?

According to superstition, what can crossing a black cat bring?

How far can a cat rotate its ears?

Which of these terms is NOT used to refer to a group of cats?

How many bones are there in a cat's body?

Cats were revered by which ancient civilization?

Which of these famous felines made his national debut in 1978?

How fast can the domestic cat run?

The Guinness World Record for the largest litter of domestic cats was set in 1970. How many kittens made up this litter?

Which of the following breeds of cat often have cross-eyes?

Which famous historical figure introduced the world's first cat flap?


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So how did you find these cat quiz questions? Did you achieve a purr-fect score, or were you less fur-tunate?

If you had fun, check out some of our other quizzes, or challenge your friends and see how they compare! 

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