Ultimate Disney Villain Trivia Questions and Answers

From the malevolence of Maleficent to the cruelty of Cruella, are you avid enough about animation to crack our Disney villain trivia questions?

disney villain trivia questions and answers

Disney are the masters of feel-good fun, with decades of classics to show for their success.

As we know, every good heroes tale needs a villain. The better the hero, the eviler the villain. Somehow though, we can’t help loving the villains too.

If you’ve got a little love for enigmatic evildoers, our Disney villain trivia questions should be right up your street.

Expect a real mix of questions here – Disney have been around for a long while, and there are plenty of baddies to look back on!

Can you recall which movie Frollo played a dastardly part in, or which infamous villain was terrified of crocodiles?

disney villain quiz questions
How much do you know about Disney villains over the years?

Could you make an educated guess on just how many villains Disney have created over the years? The sheer number may well surprise you! Do you know which female villain became famous for her love of fur and who played her in her recent Hollywood live-action debut?

We’ll be looking at all of the above and more in our Disney villain quiz, so think back on your favorite Disney flicks and see how you do! Regardless of your score, we guarantee you’ll have wickedly good fun putting your trivia to the test!  

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hard disney villain trivia
It’s time to put your Disney villain trivia to the test

Disney Villain Trivia Questions

Which Disney villain is best known for her love of fashion and fur?

Who was the first villain to star in a full length Disney movie?

Which of the following is known to be terrified of crocodiles?

Which 90s Disney movie featured a fearsome villain called Frollo?

Which Disney Princess was forced to face the wrath of Maleficent?

'The Jungle Book' introduced us to Shere Khan, who was which of the following animals?

What did Ursula want from Ariel in 1989's 'The Little Mermaid'?

What was the name of 'Toy Story's' villainous child, known for burning and mistreating his toys?

Which Queen threatens to behead Alice in 1951's 'Alice in Wonderland'?

Which group of insects bullies and intimidates the ants in 1998's 'A Bugs Life'?

Approximately how many villains has Disney introduced in the past 90 years across their many films, TV shows, books, theme parks and videogames?

Madam Mim is the main antagonist of which Disney movie?

Which 'Moana' character sings 'Shiny', a track inspired by star David Bowie?

Which actress starred in 2021's 'Cruella', focused on the life of the iconic Cruella de Vil?

What color is Hades flaming hair in 'Hercules'?


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Did good triumph over evil?

How’d you fare in the face of our Disney villain quiz? Did good triumph in the end, or is it time to regroup and take a second shot at success?

If you had fun tackling today’s trivia, there’s plenty more where that came from. Take a look around the website and see what else piques your curiosity – we’ve lots more for Disney fans to enjoy!

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