Ultimate Frozen Quiz Questions and Answers

From talking snowmen to key facts about the world famous soundtrack, these Frozen trivia questions and answers will challenge even the biggest fan!

frozen quiz questions
How will you fare with these tricky Frozen quiz questions?

Are you a big Frozen fan? Do you know all the words to ‘Let it go’? How about the artist who sang the song…? If you are looking to test your knowledge and feel like you are up for a challenge, then this Frozen quiz is for you!

Will you score highly in this fun Frozen quiz?
Will you score highly in this fun Frozen quiz?

Our Frozen quiz questions will separate the true Frozen fans from the wannabes. While you might know who healed Anna as a child, can you remember what they are called or what creature they are? Can you fight against the cold and make your way to the end of our Frozen quiz?

The Frozen quiz questions below are a mix of easy Disney movie trivia and some more obscure facts. We will ask you about the relationship between the characters, their backgrounds, key parts of the plot, well-known lines and much more.

You'll need to be a lot smarter than Olaf to succeed in this Frozen quiz
You’ll need to be a lot smarter than Olaf to succeed in this Frozen quiz

There are 15 Frozen trivia questions and answers coming up and each has a choice of 4 answers. You can only choose one answer, so pick wisely! Ready to let it go? Good luck!

Frozen Quiz Questions

Who says the line ‘Some people are worth melting for’?

What is Elsa’s greatest enemy?

How old is Elsa during her coronation?

Which character has 12 older brothers?

Which part of Anna’s body does Elsa accidentally freeze with her magic when she is a child?

Which main character is the first to appear in the film?

Anna is Elsa’s what?

Elsa is the queen of which kingdom?

Which artist sang the Frozen soundtrack ‘Let it go’ over the closing credits?

What creature is Grand Pabbie?

Frozen is based on the fairytale by which well-known author?

Frozen is produced by which studio?

Frozen is co-directed by Jennifer Lee and who else?

What is the name of Kristoff’s reindeer?

Who’s ‘act of true love’ saves Anna by thawing her frozen heart?

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