Ultimate Gardening Quiz Questions and Answers

It’s time to test how green fingered you are with these gardening quiz questions and answers.

gardening quiz questions and answers
How will you get on with these gardening quiz questions and answers?

From lilies and tulips to apple trees and shrubs, we all love getting out in our gardens. There’s something so special about creating life from little seeds and watching them progress into impressive plants and trees.

You may be a horticulturalist at heart, but how much have you learned about looking after your plants? It’s time to put that to the test with these gardening quiz questions and answers.

gardening quiz questions
These gardening quiz questions will test how green fingered you are!
fun gardening quiz questions
There are 15 fun gardening quiz questions coming up

Coming up are 15 challenging gardening trivia questions covering everything from botanical names for different species to ideal growing conditions.

Whether you spend every minute in the garden tending to your roses or your fruit trees, or you prefer visiting botanical gardens to see the best of the best, these gardening quiz questions will reveal how much you’ve taken in so far.

Ready to put yourself to the test? Let’s dive in!

gardening quiz questions
It’s time for our challenging gardening quiz questions

Gardening Quiz Questions

Which of these groups of vegetables need most frequent watering?

In which US state are the most tomatoes produced?

Which of these bulbs, when cooked, is considered good to eat? (Don’t eat the flowers or leaves or any of the other plants!)

Which of these sweet smelling plants is highly toxic to humans?

Which best describes ideal conditions for growing raspberries?

Which of these is not in the deadly nightshade (Solanaceae) family of plants?

How is Cerastium tomentosum colloquially known?

Why do people believe pea and bean roots should be left in the ground after harvesting?

What is the State flower of Florida?

Which botanist published Species Planatarum, classifying all plant names into a system of genus and species that could be universally understood?

Which of these botanical gardens is not in the US?

Which family of flowering plants has the most species?

What does sinensis imply in a plant name?

The Hanging gardens of Babylon are in which modern day country?

What planting conditions do hellebores favour?

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