Ultimate Hanukkah Trivia Questions and Answers

From time-honored traditions to the objects celebrating Hanukkah, how will your holiday know-how fare against our Hanukkah trivia questions?

hanukkah quiz questions and answers

Hanukkah is one of the most important holidays in the Jewish calendar, and steeped in tradition. Are you familiar enough with the holiday celebrations to tackle our Hanukkah trivia questions?

We’ve made sure to curate our questions so that anybody can have a good go, whether you’re Jewish or not. Can you recall the other title Hanukkah’s known by, for example, or its Hebrew meaning?

Did you know that candles play an important role in celebrating Hanukkah, or how long they should be left to burn for? Could you make an educated guess as to how many candles are lit by the average person while festivities are ongoing?

hanukkah quiz
How much do you know about Hanukkah?

Do you know exactly what a menorah is, how many branches it has, and how it’s used? If not, perhaps you’re familiar with the various treats believers eat over the course of the holiday? Some of them sound absolutely delicious, in our opinion!

Expect to find all of the above and more among our Hanukkah quiz questions! Whether you’re feeling confident or looking to learn a little more about what the holiday celebrates, give it your best shot! Who knows – you might surprise yourself!

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hanukkah trivia multiple choice
It’s time to put your Hanukkah knowledge to the test

Hanukkah Trivia Questions

What does Hanukkah mean in Hebrew?

How many branches does a Hanukkah menorah – or chanukiah – have?

How many candles should be lit over the course of Hanukkah?

Which of the following names is Hanukkah also known by?

How should food served over Hanukkah traditionally be prepared?

The candle used to light all other candles on a Hanukkah candelabrum is known by what name?

Which historical King plays a central role in the Hanukkah story?

What is Zot Hanukkah?

What would you usually do with a dreidel?

What are Jewish people unable to do during Hanukkah?

Which oil is traditionally used to light the menorah?

Which of these is NOT a traditional Hanukkah treat?

What is the name of the fried potato pancakes often eaten during Hanukkah?

Which of the following is the most important Hanukkah tradition?

How long should Hanukkah candles be burned for?


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hanukkah questions
Hopefully you did well in this one!

How’d you find our Hanukkah quiz questions? No matter the score you came out with, we’re hoping you learned a fascinating fact or two to take away with you!

If today’s quiz left you wanting more, we won’t leave you disappointed! Take a look around the site and pick a quiz that catches your attention – we’ve plenty to choose from!

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