Ultimate World Currency Quiz Questions and Answers

How well do you know the official currencies of the world? Take this ultimate world currency quiz and find out.

world currency quiz questions and answers
These world currency quiz questions and answers will test your knowledge

We all love to travel, but sometimes the money can be a little confusing! So many countries have different currencies with colorful notes and coins in a multitude of sizes and denominations. Even the most frequent travelers might struggle to tell a 10 from a 100, or not to mix up a Euro with a Yen.

Now it’s time to put your knowledge to the test in this fun world currency quiz. These 15 questions will challenge you to see just how much of currency trivia you actually know.

world currency quiz
How will you fare with our fun world currency quiz?

When in Lima, do you pay in pesos or soles? Are Australians using pounds or dollars? We bet some of these world currency quiz questions will trip you up – or at the very least, have you calculating exchange rates in yens.

world currency quiz
Best of luck with these tricky questions about money and currencies used around the world

It’s time to see if you know your reals from your ringgits and your liras from your litas. Good luck!

Ultimate World Currency Quiz

What is the official currency of France?

What currency is used in Australia?

Real is the currency of which country?

What other country, besides the US, uses the US dollar as its official currency?

Which country uses the rupee as its currency?

If I'm spending forints, which country am I in?

Sol is the official currency of which country?

Boliviano, the Bolivian currency, was named after which historical figure?

Which of these European countries does not use Euro as its official currency?

Which one of these currencies isn’t real?

What is the official currency of South Africa?

What was the official currency of Lithuania before the Euro?

Which one of these countries use two currencies at the same time?

If I'm spending money in Nicaragua, which of these would I be using?

What is the official currency of Malaysia?

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