Ultimate 2022 Quiz Questions and Answers

From sport and politics, to music and movies, it’s time to test your knowledge of this year with these 2022 quiz questions!

quiz about 2022
This quiz about 2022 will test your knowledge

2022 is shaping up to be a really exciting year! There are big sporting events including the Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. If you follow current affairs, you’ll be busy, with French Elections, US Midterms and more to keep up to date with.

It’s also a mammoth year for fans of music and movies. The world may have ground to a halt for the last two years, but we’re definitely making up for lost time in 2022!

2022 quiz questions and answers
These 2022 quiz questions cover everything from politics to movies

But how much do you know about the year’s biggest events? It’s time to find out with these 2022 quiz questions.

Do you know the famous people celebrating landmark birthdays this year? Do you know the Star Wars actor reprising one of his most famous roles? Can you name the Chinese Zodiac sign for 2022?

These 2022 quiz questions and answers cover everything from politics and sports to your standard pub quiz questions. Whether you’ve had your head buried in the sand or you’ve had some useful chats over the water cooler, these 2022 trivia questions will suss out whether you’ve really been paying attention.

2022 trivia quiz
Have you been paying attention to the news? You’ll ace our 2022 trivia quiz!

If you’ve loved our general knowledge quizzes and our ultimate quiz questions about music and movies, you’re going to enjoy playing this quiz.

Ready? It’s time to see how well you do on this fun trivia quiz about 2022!

2022 trivia questions
Ready to play our 2022 trivia questions? Good luck!

Ultimate 2022 Quiz Questions and Answers

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee in 2022. How many years on the throne will she celebrate?

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of which of these classic Disney movies?

Which city is hosting the Winter Olympics in 2022?

Which famous group is launching a new digital entertainment experience this year called "Voyage"?

Which singer, who had a hit with "Rolling In The Deep" will host a residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in 2022?

Who will reprise his role for the Star Wars series "Obi-Wan Kenobi" in 2022?

Which Middle Eastern country will host the FIFA World Cup at the end of 2022?

Emma Raducanu will defend her title at which sporting event in 2022?

Which Hollywood actress, who starred in "There's Something About Mary" turns 50 in 2022?

Americans will go to the polls for the US Midterms in which month in 2022?

Which British city is hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2022?

Which Spielberg film celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2022?

2022 is the year of which animal according to the Chinese Zodiac?

Which of these is NOT turning 30 in 2022?

The Six Nations rugby tournament takes place in February and March 2022. Which of these nations is not part of it?


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