Ultimate 80s Music quiz Questions and Answers

From the death of disco to the rise of modern rock, answer our 80s music quiz questions will definitely test your knowledge!

80s music quiz questions
These 80s music quiz questions will test your knowledge

Hands up if you’d rather listen to some 80s anthems than the modern pop songs of today! Yes, us too!

The 1980s was a great time for the music biz. It was time to say goodbye to disco music, with the emergence of electronic dance music and new wave. If you remember this, then you’re gonna love these 80s music quiz questions!

80s trivia questions
If you loved the 80s you’ll love these 80s music quiz questions

Whether you lived through the 80s or simply appreciate the music, one thing is for sure: the 80s gave us some massive songs!

With the founding of MTV in 1981, the 80s were set up for success as watching music videos became a huge part of pop culture. In a time of crazy hair and fantastic fashion, music did not disappoint! If you think you know a lot about 80s music trivia then you have come to the right place.

These 80s music trivia questions will test your knowledge across the board. From hit songs and duets to lyrics and ‘Rick Rolls’, we will be asking you some fun questions that will send your on a trip down memory lane! Whether you ‘Beat It’ or end up ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ – We hope you have fun!

80s music trivia questions and answers
These 80s music quiz questions and answers cover the whole decade

Don’t Stop Believin’ and get ready to moonwalk into our 80s music quiz!

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80s music trivia questions
Your 80s mixtapes might come in handy on these 80s music quiz questions

80s Music Quiz Questions

In which year did Michael Jackson release the album 'Bad'?

What was the theme song for Rocky III, released in 1982?

Who sang 'Locomotion' and 'Hand on Your Heart'?

What Lionel Richie song is also a greeting?

The TV Series 'Glee' saw which Journey song gain massive popularity?

Girls Just Want to Have...

Who wrote and sang the hit song '9 to 5'?

Which Rick Astley song would you be listening to if you were 'Rick Rolled'?

What Simple Minds song plays in the opening and closing credits of the film 'The Breakfast Club'?

What band had the hit song 'Atomic'?

If you found something strange in your neighbourhood... Would you gonna call?

Who duetted with Madonna on 'Love Song'?

Who just called to say they love you?

Sting was the frontman of which band?

Mick Jagger and David Bowie had a hit with which song?


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We hope you enjoyed our 80s music quiz! We are definitely in the mood to listen to some classic Queen now.

Be sure to share these questions with your friends and family (even your Grandmother – Come on Eileen!) to see who comes out on top!

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