Ultimate Adults Only Trivia Questions

These adults only trivia questions are designed to challenge the biggest quizzing pros! How will you fare?

adults only trivia questions
These adults only trivia questions will test your general knowledge

While most of us adore a quiz, some of us are better under pressure than others! One of the biggest advantages is having a decent grounding in general knowledge. You need to have a broad memory of politics, movies, music, science, sport and history. But that’s just the start.

These adults only trivia questions are designed to cover all the bases. You’ll need great general knowledge of the world, but you’ll also need some of those bizarre little facts that you might not realise you’d clung on to!

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From music and movies, to key events in history, these adults only trivia questions will challenge you!

Do you know the ingredients in classic cocktails or the names of famous fashion designers? How are you with movie trivia questions? Do you know highest grossing movies or names of legends of the stage and screen?

How would you fare with questions about former presidents of the United States or geography trivia questions? These adults only trivia questions will test all of your knowledge and more. There’s nothing for kids in here, you’ll need to be 18+ to even have a shot at getting full marks!

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Ready for question one in this adults only quiz? Let’s go!

Feeling confident? Time to kick things off. Good luck!

Adults Only Trivia Questions

On April 12, 1945 President Franklin D. Roosevelt died while during his term in office, making who the 33rd President of the United States?

Which American artist, a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement, is best known for his ‘drip’ technique?

Which classic cocktail includes vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice?

What term is given to the fear of colours?

David Bowie released "Space Oddity" on the 11th July of which year?

Which country uses the rupee as its currency?

Which female holds the most Wimbledon titles?

Who designed the first Bikini in July of 1946?

What is the name of the alien race in Avatar?

Which of these famous players isn’t one of the top ten NBA Players of the 80s?

Name Liza Minelli's famous mum.

What does “prima” mean in “prima ballerina”?

What was the highest grossing film of the 2000s?

The Boston Tea Party happened in which year on December 16th?

What do you call the wire cage which keeps the cork fixed in place on a Champagne bottle?

Did you ace this adults only trivia quiz? Are you proud of your knowledge or do you need to brush up on some facts?

If you enjoyed playing, how about challenging your friends and family to play too? You’ll find out who is the ultimate quizzer in your life!

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