Ultimate Music Trivia For Kids

Looking for a kids music quiz? From Disney to Taylor Swift, our music trivia for kids is guaranteed to challenge your little ones!

music quiz for kids

Most kids just love music! Whether it’s listening to the latest hits from One Direction or Taylor Swift, to all the songs in Disney, music is a great way of keeping the kids entertained for hours.

The question is, how much do kids remember about music and musical instruments? Well we’re about to find out in our music trivia for kids!

In this fun quiz we have lots of questions on everything from the names of songs and albums to the names of instruments too.

music quiz for kids
Your kids will love testing their knowledge in our kids music quiz

Ready for our kids music quiz?

When we were at school we loved learning to play music too. From tootling away on a clarinet in band practice, to strumming a few chords on the guitar, it was a lovely way to spend an hour or two.

Coming up are some fun and challenging music quiz questions for kids. They cover a bit of everything, including instruments you’d find in an orchestra, songs from Disney films and even a fun space question in there too.

Whether you’re playing on your own or playing with your children, this quiz is bound to be a bit of fun today. Good luck with it!

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music quiz for kids
How will you get on with this music quiz for kids?

Music Trivia For Kids

Which percussion instrument is named after its shape?

How many strings does a violin have?

Which member of an orchestra holds a baton?

Are there more black keys or white keys on a piano?

Which Disney film features the song 'Circle of Life'?

Which of these is a famous work by Mozart?

Which of these string instruments is the largest?

Which animal completes the title of this famous work by Prokofiev: Peter and the ____

If someone can sing perfectly in tune they might be described as having _________ pitch.

Which of these is the US national anthem?

What is the bow of a violin usually made from?

How many keys does a piano have?

Which film features the song 'Let It Go'?

How many strings does a regular guitar have?

What is a small flute called?

Which band was Harry Styles part of?

Which singer, named Bruno, has the same surname as a planet?

How old was Taylor Swift when she released her first album?

Which of these was a hit for Elvis Presley?

Which mathematical symbol was the title of Ed Sheeran's first album in 2011?

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music trivia for kids
Were you a rock star today?

So how did you get on in our kids music trivia questions? Did you get them all right, or did you trip up on a couple of questions?

We know the questions about classical composers were tricky but hopefully you learned something new too – that’s the idea anyway!

If you enjoyed this quiz, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends to see how they do. We bet you’re the best though!

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