20 BEST Airplane Quiz Questions and Answers

From aviation’s astonishing history to the remarkable records set by pioneers in the field, do you have what it takes to fly through our airplane quiz?

aeroplane quiz questions
See if you’ll be flying high after our aeroplane quiz questions

Are you a worldwide jet setter? Perhaps you’re already counting the days until your next holiday? Do you know your CDG from your MAN from your LAX? If you do, we think you’ll enjoy our latest quiz!

The history of human flight is long and fascinating, with many great minds leaving their mark on aviation over the years. Do you know who the Wright Brothers were and why they’ll be remembered, or how Charles Lindbergh made sure his name lived on?

airplane quiz questions and answers
There are some challenging airplane quiz questions coming up

How much do you know about the science behind keeping our planes in the skies? Do you know how big the modern passenger aircraft we see in our skies are? Or which military aircraft has been produced for over six decades?

Aviation is a huge engineering marvel that can amaze some people and massively freak out others! Put all your plane and aviation knowledge to the test and see if you’ll be flying high or suffering massive delays after this amazing quiz.

airplane quiz questions
These airplane quiz questions will test how much you know about planes

There’s enough airplane trivia here to test the most passionate plane spotters, so you’re guaranteed to learn a fun fact or two. Let’s see how high your score can soar in the face of the following plane-related puzzlers!

Why not gather up the family and make it a nice, friendly competition? See who is the aviation king or queen of your family or friendship group!

If our airplane quiz has left you wanting more, aim a little higher and tackle our Ultimate Astronomy Quiz!

airplane trivia questions
We hope you score top marks in these airplane trivia questions

Airplane Quiz Questions

When did the Wright Brothers make their first powered flight by aircraft?

Which of the following is the largest passenger aircraft in the world?

How many minutes of oxygen are cabin oxygen masks equipped to provide in an emergency?

What name is given to the wispy white lines airplanes leave in their trail?

In 1927, Charles Lindbergh was the first person to fly his airplane, 'The Spirit of St Louis,' across which ocean?

Contrary to popular belief, an airplane's black box is typically which of the following colors?

What name is given to the fear of flying?

What name is given to the specially designed airplane used by the President of the United States?

Which model of military aircraft has been produced for over six decades, owing to it's solid design?

Bernoulli's Principle applies to which aspect of flight?

Which of these is NOT one of the four primary forces exerted on an airplane?

Who was credited with designing World War Two's famous Supermarine Spitfire?

Which of the following flights takes the longest from beginning to end, clocking in at approximately 17 hours and 50 minutes?

The Guinness World Record for 'Smallest Aircraft to Fly' is held by which of the following airplanes?

The main body of a passenger airplane is known in the industry by what name?

Which airport has the airport code SFO?

What is the purpose of the flaps on an aircraft's wings?

How long does the world's longest flight currently take (2023)?

Which of the following is not a London Airport?

Which of the following is the busiest airport in the world based on passenger traffic?


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So, did you fly high in our airplane trivia, or did you crash and burn?

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