Ultimate American Football Trivia Questions and Answers

From NFL history to fun facts about the game, these American football trivia questions will challenge your football credentials!

American Football trivia
Do you think you’ll score highly in this American Football trivia quiz?

Are you a football addict? Do you know the statistics for every Super Bowl? Can you name the best players in the history of the sport? If you are up for the test and feel that you have the right football knowledge, then we have the perfect set of NFL trivia questions for you!

These football quiz questions and answers have been designed to test you. While you may know who won the first Super Bowl, do you know where it was held? Will you score that touchdown or get taken out by a blitz along the way?

American Football quiz
Will you be punching the air at the end of this NFL quiz?

We’ll quiz you on key moments in NFL history from legendary players to famous locations, fun facts about the game and much more. You will find a fun variety of easy and more difficult questions to really keep you on your toes. By the end of the quiz you will know whether you are a true football expert or just a fan!

American Football trivia
You’ll need to know all about this amazing sport to do well

Below you will find 15 football questions and answers with a choice of 4 answers per question. There is only one correct answer, so make sure to avoid that press and go for the touchdown!

American Football quiz
You’ll score a touchdown if you get 15/15 in these American Football trivia questions!

American Football Trivia Questions

The first Super Bowl was won by which team?

In what year was the first Super Bowl held?

The New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady, has been featured on the cover of which magazine a record 20 times?

What was the National Football League (NFL) called before it changed its name in 1922?

Which NFL player holds the record for the most touchdowns?

What is the highest annual salary awarded to a player in NFL history?

This salary was given to Aaron Rodgers in 2018, but by which NFL team?

Which player in the Football Hall of Fame was also known as ‘Sweetness’?

How many points is a touchdown worth?

Pat Shurmur was hired as the head coach for which team in 2018?

The New England Patriots and which other team are the only teams to have won 3 Super Bowls in a row?

What is the length in yards of an official American Football field (including the end zones)?

How many players are fielded during a conventional American Football game?

Where was the 2021 NFL draft held?

What is a NFL American football made from?

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