20 BEST Architecture Quiz Questions and Answers

From world-famous landmarks to artworks and drawings, test your knowledge with these architecture quiz questions and answers!

architecture quiz questions and answers
These architecture quiz questions and answers will test your knowledge

Looking for the best architecture trivia questions?

Architects are a key part of the building and construction industry, designing homes, skyscrapers, office buildings, bridges, and more. Architecture is unique and captivating and can add a strong personality and character to a particular area. Cities and skylines are often defined by the different architectural styles used.

Whether you’re looking for spires that pierce the sky, mid-century modern vibes with sunken lounges, or complete modern buildings that are full of open spaces and glass sidings, everyone has a favorite architectural style even if they don’t know what it’s actually called!

architecture quiz questions and answers
Could you decipher a plan like this? Our architecture quiz questions will find out!

Even though your knowledge of architecture may not be in-depth, no doubt you’ve got an opinion on it! Some of the world’s leading architectural movements defined eras and empires, and much of the stunning architecture throughout history has been wonderfully preserved today. 

So, do you know your Gothic from your Neoclassical architecture? Think you know your Zaha Hadid from your Frank Lloyd Wright? If so, then it’s high time you tested your knowledge with our challenging architecture quiz questions and answers. You might also enjoy checking out our quizzes about art too!

architecture trivia quiz questions
Our architecture trivia quiz questions will find out what you know about landmarks around the world

This is your chance to shine bright, like the tallest skyscraper in the world! There are 20 architecture trivia questions coming up! Fingers crossed you can score full marks and be an architecture quiz champion!

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architecture trivia quiz questions
There are 15 architecture trivia questions coming up! Good luck

Architecture Quiz Questions

What's the name for a window that sticks out on the outside of a property?

Which NYC landmark was the world's tallest building in 1940?

What are the brown colored homes across Brooklyn called?

What's the name for an architectural drawing of a building's exterior?

Elvis owned a famous colonial-revival-style mansion, what was it called?

Which American architect is considered the creator of the modern skyscraper?

Name the architectural term for the inside curve of an arch?

How tall is the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building?

In which of the following steps is an architect not directly involved?

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the world's most famous monuments, but in which city would you find it?

Name the architectural style includes windows pointed arches and flying buttresses.

What is the difference between a gargoyle and a grotesque?

Which American architect designed the Guggenheim Museum in NYC?

What is the center stone at the top of an arch called?

Who designed the Barcelona chair?

Which architect is famous for designing the Sydney Opera House?

Which city is known for its canals and unique architectural style, featuring tall, narrow houses?

Who designed the iconic glass pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris?

Who designed the iconic dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City?

Which architectural style is associated with the famous buildings of Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona?


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So there you have it! We bet you didn’t know the answers to some of these tricky architecture quiz questions!

Hopefully you’ve learned something, and now you can send the quiz to friends and family members and see how they do. Who will be victorious?

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