Ultimate Back to the Future Quiz Questions and Answers

Great Scott! Are you a fan of Back to the Future? Take our ultimate Back to the Future quiz and time travel through the amazing series!

back to the future quiz questions and answers

Originally released in 1985, Back to the Future kickstarted one of the greatest trilogy series that has ever graced cinema fans. Do you know what, we might even say it’s the best trilogy ever created. Change our minds…

In the process, Back to the Future elevated Michael J. Fox to superstar status and created a permanent association between time travel and the DMC DeLorean.

As always, serious Back to the Future trivia fans have come to the right place. We’ve got an assortment of Back to the Future quiz questions that’ll separate the Docs from the Biffs.

From easy, to some that only genuine fans would be able to figure out, see how you do below!

back to the future trivia questions
How much do you know about Back to the Future?

There is so much Back to the Future trivia to take in. For example, did you know the script was rejected 44 times before finally getting the green light? That’s a lot of setbacks!

Our quiz will test various aspects of the films – Do you know what Doc Brown’s dog is called in 1955? Or what Marty’s band is called?

For answers to these questions and even more, try our Back to the Future quiz below to find out!

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back to the future trivia
It’s time to put your BTTF knowledge to the test

Back to the Future Quiz Questions

Which character is played by Michael J. Fox?

What is Doc Brown's first name?

Which type of car is converted into a time machine?

Marty's family live where in Hill Valley?

Who directed "Back to the Future?"

The flux capacitor requires how many gigawatts to power?

What is the bully's name?

What is the theme of the school dance?

What 1954 ballad did Marty play whilst his parents kissed on the dance floor?

In 1955, what is Doc's dog called?

What is the name of Marty's band?

What nationality were the terrorists that shot Doc Brown?

When he invented the flux capacitor, what did Doc Brown his his head on?

What speed did the DeLorean need to hit to be able to time travel?

Marty and Doc met in a shopping mall car park - What was the shopping mall called?


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bttf quiz

We hope you enjoyed our Back to the Future quiz questions and answers! We can’t wait to get back up to 88 and dive into the films again.

Challenge your friends and family by sharing these questions and see if they can beat your Back to the Future trivia knowledge!

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