Ultimate Ballet Quiz Questions And Answers

If you love to dance, then it’s time to test your knowledge with these fun ballet quiz questions and answers!

ballet quiz questions and answers
These ballet quiz questions and answers will challenge you

Have you grown up with annual trips to the ballet? Perhaps you’re a ballerina in training? Then this quiz is perfect for you.

You may know your demi-plies, but do you know some of the less popular ballet facts and history? These ballet quiz questions are designed to reveal just how much you think you know and how much you actually know!

ballet quiz questions
Ready to test your knowledge with these ballet trivia questions

Do you know what pointe shoes are made of, or which French king made ballet popular? How many ballet terms do you know? It’s time to find out!

It’s time to find out if you’re a prima ballerina or you need to go right back to the start and take your grade one all over again!

Assemblé? Arabesque… and let’s go!

ballet terminology quiz
There are some tricky ballet terminology quiz questions coming up too

Ballet Quiz Questions

Why are ballet terms in French?

What does “prima” mean in “prima ballerina”?

What is the most famous ballet associated with Christmas?

What are the hard points of pointe shoes are made from?

Where did ballet originate?

Who composed Swan Lake?

Do male dancers wear pointe shoes?

In ballet, what is a port de bras?

What did the first ballet dancers always wear as part of their costumes?

Ballet reached its peak during which French King’s reign?

In the early ballet history, the most accomplished dancers were:

Who was the first African American prima ballerina?

Which ballet school became dominant in the 20th century?

How many types of ballet jumps are there?

Who composed the music for the ballet Romeo and Juliet?

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