20 BEST Bluey Quiz Questions and Answers

Bluey is one of the most popular cartoons in the world right now. It’s time to test your knowledge of this loveable dog in our ultimate Bluey quiz!

bluey quiz questions and answers

Bluey is truly a tour-de-force of children’s daytime television, and one of the most popular cartoons to come out of Australia. In fact, it’s quickly becoming a favorite with kids and parents alike – it’s so addictive in the best way!

Focusing on Bluey, his sister Bingo, and his parents Bandit & Chilli, the show follows the family’s adventures together. Bluey is super energetic throughout the show, bouncing from one adventure to the next, and learning as he goes along.

Praised for its constructive view of parenting and modern family life, Bluey is just perfect for the kids. But how much do they know about Bluey? Well, it’s time to find out in our Bluey trivia questions!

Why not gather up your kids and bring them in on the fun too? You can even make it a fun little competition!

quiz about bluey
How much do your kids know about Bluey?

The show has run 3 seasons and 180 episodes and continues to appeal to audiences all across the world, not just in its native Australia. It’s a worldwide hit and has a cult following for a reason!

Can you name the city Bluey is set in? The name of his teacher? How many Terriers appear in the show? How about the details of episodes such as ‘Markets’?

All these questions and more will be answered in our one-of-a-kind Bluey quiz that’s sure to keep the whole family entertained.

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bluey trivia questions
It’s time to dive into the world of Bluey!

Bluey Trivia Questions

In what country is the show Bluey set?

What is Bluey's dad's name?

What type of dog is Bluey?

Which type of dog is Chloe?

How many Terriers are there in the show?

What is Bluey's sister called?

In which city is Bluey set?

Who is Radley married to?

What is the name of the non-English speaking dog Bluey befriends on a camping trip?

What is Bluey's teacher called?

What does Bandit call himself in the episode 'Fancy Restaurant'?

What treat did Bluey regret buying in the episode 'Markets'?

What is Bingo's pretend name during the game of takeaway?

Where does the rich lady want the taxi to take her?

What do 'horseys' love, according to Bluey?

What is the name of the family's camper van?

What is the name of the playground near Bluey's house?

What is the name of Bluey's favorite superhero?

What is the name of Bluey's uncle who is a lifeguard?

What is the name of Bluey's imaginary friend?


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How did you and the kids get on?

So there you have it, our outstanding and engaging Bluey quiz questions, perfect for the whole family to enjoy between binge watching everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic canine, of course!

We hope you enjoyed our awesome quiz about Bluey. Share it with your friends and family and see how they do – we bet you get the best score though!

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