The Ultimate Bonfire Night Quiz Questions and Answers

With the spectre of Guy Fawkes looming, how much do you remember, remember about the 5th of November? Take our Bonfire Night quiz and find out now!

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Bonfire Night is a time-honoured tradition, typically celebrated with bonfires, fireworks, sparklers and Catherine wheels aplenty.

It’s easy to forget among all the merriment that the night commemorates what was almost a terrible tragedy – a plot to destroy the Houses of Parliament with gunpowder, no less.

How well do you know your history? Our Guy Fawkes quiz is the perfect opportunity to put your talents to the test.

bonfire quiz
How much do you know about Guy Fawkes?

Any Bonfire Night quiz worth it’s salt covers both the history of the night and the way we celebrate it today, and we have no intention of letting you down.

Expect a range of questions covering historical Guy Fawkes trivia, along with a healthy helping of local and cultural questions to keep you on your toes.

If its been a while since you’ve read up the gunpowder plot, you may find one or two questions that really get you thinking here.

Scroll on to discover how much of your schooling is still fresh in your mind – at the very worst, you might learn a thing or two!

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guy fawkes quiz
It’s time to put your Guy Fawkes knowledge to the test

Bonfire Night Quiz Questions

Welcome to your Bonfire Quiz

Guy Fawkes was born in 1570, but where did he grow up?

By what other name was Guy Fawkes known?

How many people are confirmed to have participated in the Gunpowder plot?

What was sent to Parliament that resulted in the gunpowder plot’s failure?

What religion supposedly inspired Guy Fawkes to annihilate England’s government?

Who wrote the poem, ‘Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November’, originally entitled, ‘In Quintum Novembris’?

Which of the following is NOT a bonfire night tradition?

Which King did the plotters aim to assassinate?

Though Guy Fawkes was refused a burial, a large memorial was erected to commemorate the gunpowder plot. Where is this housed?

Which cake, made with oatmeal and black treacle, is associated with Bonfire night?

In what film was the Guy Fawkes mask a symbol of freedom in the face of Governmental iniquity?

How many barrels of gunpowder were found under Parliament?

On what day in history was Guy Fawkes killed?

Who is believed to have betrayed the gunpowder conspirators?

Which of these is NOT another name for the fifth of November?

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So, how’d you fare? Whatever the outcome, our Bonfire Night quiz questions have definitely put us in the mood for fireworks and frivolity!

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