Chinese New Year Quiz Questions and Answers

This Chinese New Year marks the Year of the Tiger. If you’re feeling fierce, sink your teeth into our Chinese New Year quiz – will you shine like Shanghai?

chinese new year trivia questions

New Year may have passed most of us, but the festivities are about to begin in the East as China rings in the New Year on February 1st.

As we settle back into our daily routines, China’s February is jam-packed with activities celebrating the dawn of a New Year, as they hope to bring good fortune for 2022.

In China and around the world, celebrations unfold a little differently than ours. Dating back over 3,000 years, there’s plenty of customs and traditions to cover in our Chinese New Year quiz.

chinese new year trivia
How much do you know about Chinese New Year?

Do you feel pretty confident that your Chinese New Year trivia is up to scratch?

We’re going broad with this one – expect a little of everything, from Chinese mythology, New Year traditions and gift-giving, to festive foods, festival dances and even a touch of history.

Whether you’re a bit of a culture vulture and just love to learn, or you’re planning to fly out and celebrate the New Year for a second time, our upcoming questions cover everything you need to know about the Chinese New Year.

Zhù nǐ hǎo yùn, or good luck!

chinese new year facts
Hopefully this quiz will be a bang with your friends

Chinese New Year Quiz Questions

How many days do Chinese New Year celebrations last?

How is the date that Chinese New Year falls on chosen?

Chinese New Year is usually referred to in China as the festival of which season?

How many animals make up the Chinese Zodiac?

In what colour envelopes are gifts of money usually given at New Year?

Which of the following is considered bad luck on Chinese New Year’s Day?

Which of the following countries DOES NOT celebrates Chinese New Year, more widely known as Lunar New Year?

Legend says that the Chinese New Year celebrations ward off the monster Nian, who would otherwise prey on men and livestock. What part of the celebrations are said to scare Nian away?

What takes place on the fifteenth day of the New Year celebrations?

Which of the following foods associated with Chinese New Year is NOT actually Chinese in origin?

The leaves of which plant are used in spring cleaning during New Year to ward off evil spirits?

Which dance is typically performed on the final day of New Year celebrations?

The image of which Chinese deity is burned during the New Year celebrations to bring about renewal?

The Chinese were the first in history to invent fireworks and use them in their celebrations. In what century were they created?

Which of the following games is commonly played amongst families over Chinese New Year?


And so ends our Chinese New Year quiz! Whether you did well or not, we hope our fun facts about Chinese New Year gave you a little more insight into how the New Year is celebrated differently across the world.

If you’re still hungry to learn, check out some of our other quizzes; there’s plenty to choose from. In the meantime, xīn xiǎng shì chéng – may all your wishes come true!

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