Easy Movie Quiz Questions and Answers

Whether you’re a Disney devotee or mad about The Matrix, you’re bound to have a blast with our easy movie quiz questions and answers!

easy movie quiz
These easy movie quiz questions and answers are lots of fun!

It’s hard to deny the joy watching a good movie brings! Whether it’s tugging at your heartstrings or blowing you away with bombastic action, films have the power to transport you to another world.

If you’re a bit of a blockbuster buff, it’s time to see how you find our easy movie quiz questions and answers. You might love hanging out in the cinema, but how much can you recall about the world’s most beloved flicks?

We’ve narrowed our focus down to the best of Hollywood – no obscure French arthouse curveballs, we promise! We’re sticking to the best of the best with today’s questions, and we’re confident you’ll do us proud!

Can you remember when Dirty Dancing was set, or which year the DeLorean saw Marty visit in Back to the Future II? Can you recall Toy Story’s most famous quote, or which superheroes starred in Marvel’s The Avengers?

easy movie questions
There’s a Dirty Dancing question coming up in this easy movie quiz

Do you know the secret behind Spider-Man’s true identity, or which city Batman watches over? Can you tell us what Superman’s greatest weakness is, or which superhero you wouldn’t like when they’re angry?

Do you have any inkling which movie currently holds the record for highest gross profit at the box office? Were you aware that an iconic Jaws line was ad-libbed during filming, and do you know which one?

film quizzes
You might need to use the force in this easy movie quiz

You’ll find the answers to all of the above and more among today’s easy movie trivia. Casual cinema-goers and film fanatics alike are in for a treat, so read on and show us what you’ve got!

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movie quiz questions
Best of luck answering these easy movie trivia questions

Easy Movie Quiz Questions

In Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Which US President gives Kevin directions?

In Back to the Future II, Marty, Doc, and Jennifer travel through time to which year in the future?

Which of the following is officially the highest grossing movie of all time?

Dirty Dancing was set in which decade?

What color pill does Neo choose to take in The Matrix?

Which country were The Lord of the Rings movies filmed in?

Freddy Krueger famously wore a striped sweater in which two colors?

Which of the following actors has NOT played DC's Joker?

Which famous Jaws line was actually ad-libbed?

How many films have been released in the Jumanji franchise as of 2022?

On what planet does Rey finally find Luke Skywalker at the conclusion of Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

What is the name of Simba's villainous uncle in The Lion King?

Finish this famous Toy Story quote: "To infinity and ________!"

Which of the following does Shrek comedically compare ogres to?

Which of these Marvel characters does NOT appear in 2012's The Avengers?


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Did we trip you up with any of our easy movie trivia? We snuck a couple of tricky ones in there to keep things interesting, so we hope you found a fact or two to remember for your next pub quiz!

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