Ultimate Easy Random Trivia Questions and Answers

It’s time to test your general knowledge and brain power with these easy random trivia questions and answers!

easy random trivia questions
These easy random trivia questions will challenge your general knowledge

If you’ve played any of our quizzes before you’ll know there’s a great mix of random topics on offer. From horses and currency to cars and cocktails, we’re mad about trivia.

While you might not know lots about one topic in particular, we know lots of people adore a general knowledge round in a pub quiz. You know, a round covering music, movies, sports, history, nature and a random selection of other topics.

movie quiz questions and answers
If you love general knowledge rounds you’ll love these easy random trivia questions!

Well, we’ve finally popped together a great general knowledge quiz. If you can ace this, we’d definitely want you on our pub quiz team!

There are 15 easy random trivia questions coming up. One point for every correct answer. We recommend sharing it with your friends and family afterwards to see how your scores compare.

Best of luck… here we go!

beatles quiz questions and answers
Best of luck with this trivia round!

Easy Random Trivia Questions

Which artist famously cut off his own ear?

Real is the currency of which country?

What are the official months of winter?

Which city has the biggest St Patrick’s Day parade?

Which composer wrote the musical scores for 2000s classics such as Gladiator, Hannibal, Madagascar and Black Hawk Down?

What did Henry Ford patent in October 1911?

Before the ill-fated Titanic struck an iceberg and sunk on April 14, 1912 what was the ship’s intended destination?

What gives a whiskey sour its frothy top?

With A Little Help From My Friends and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds featured on which Beatles album?

What is the national flower/emblem of Ireland?

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Which country celebrates Anzac Day, on the 25th of April?

Which actor played the Grinch?

Which fast food franchise first opened its doors on April 15th, 1955?

What is it called when animals sleep during the winter?

What sport did Michael Johnson set the world record for at the 1996 Olympics?

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How many did you get right? Are you feeling chuffed with the result or do you need to brush up on your knowledge?

If you enjoyed playing, be sure to challenge your friends and family to play too. It’s always interesting to see who has the most random knowledge!

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