Ultimate Fish Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you love life under the sea? Take our ultimate fish quiz to see how much you truly know about our underwater friends!

fish quiz questions and answers
These fish quiz questions and answers will test your knowledge

With over 27,000 known species of fish, there is plenty to enjoy about life under the sea! To make things more exciting, scientists estimate that there are likely to be thousands of species left to be discovered.

fish trivia questions
There are some fascinating fish trivia questions coming up

Seventy-one percent of our world is covered by water, so it’s no surprise that a huge amount of nature on our planet are our fishy friends. With so many sea creatures comes a lot of interesting fish trivia! We promise that our fish quiz questions leave no rock or piece of coral left unturned!

fish quiz questions and answers
We think fish are beautiful! How much do you know about them though?

Do you know which species of fish is known as a modern example of a fossil? Or, how which family goldfish belong to? For answers to fish trivia like this and even more, you should definitely have a go at our fish quiz questions to prove yourself as the king of the ocean!

If you enjoy all things to do with Earth’s creatures, then why not have a go at our ultimate nature quiz to test your knowledge?

fish trivia questions
There are 15 fish trivia questions to test your knowledge

Feeling prepped and ready? It’s time to take a walk on the aquatic side with our fish quiz questions and answers!

fish trivia quiz
Time to test your fish trivia knowledge! Good luck

Fish Quiz Questions

What is the name of the organ used by fish to obtain oxygen from water?

What is also known as a “ten-pounder”?

What is the name for the scientific study of fish?

Which of these fish is known as a living fossil?

Most goldfish belong to which family?

Which of these fish feed as a group on a common victim?

Which of these fish is dangerous to eat and is called fugu in Japan?

The males (not the females) of which type of fish carry the fertilized eggs until they are hatched?

What is the world's largest fish?

What fish is most often grown on farms?

What is the most popular seafood in America?

How many pounds of seafood does the average American eat per year?

What fish does beluga caviar come from?

Which US State harvests the most fish?

How many pounds of seafood does the average Japanese person eat per year?


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We hope you enjoyed playing our fish quiz questions! Our oceans never fail to leave us fascinated.

Challenge your friends and family with this fish quiz to see if they can match your fish trivia knowledge.

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