Ultimate Guitar Quiz Questions and Answers

From chords and strings to the best who’ve ever shredded, our guitar quiz is the perfect opportunity for music maestros to strut their stuff!

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There’s no denying the influence the guitar has had on modern music – there isn’t a genre that hasn’t experimented with them! Whether you’re a budding musician or a fierce fretboard technician, is your knowledge enough to tackle our ultimate guitar quiz?

We’ll be covering the annals of guitar history, tons of technical trivia, some preposterously priced axes and, of course, the masters of the craft.

Fans and players alike should all find questions for them, but be prepared for a few puzzlers!

ultimate guitar quiz
How much do you know about guitar history?

Do you know how many strings and frets to expect on a standard guitar? Or the other name a plectrum often goes by? Can you recall which decade the electric guitar made its debut? Or which musician’s instrument sold for a record high at auction?

We’ll be looking at questions on music theory and a few of the all-time greats, too, so expect variety! If you’re confident you’ve got the grit to ace our guitar trivia questions, read on and give it your all!

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quiz about guitarists
It’s time to put your guitar trivia to the test!

Guitar Quiz Questions

A plectrum is another name for which guitar accessory?

How many strings does a typical guitar have?

How many frets are generally found on a standard classical guitar?

Guitars fall into which of the following instrumental families?

Which of the below is the most commonly used chord progression across all genres of music?

The most expensive guitar sold at auction was owned by which of the following guitarists?

Which decade saw the introduction of the electric guitar?

A bass guitar has how many strings?

The fourth string of a standard guitar is tuned to which note?

How long is the world's largest acoustic guitar?

Brian May played guitar for which of the following bands?

What does 'tempo' mean?

From low to high, the strings of a guitar go in which of the following orders?

Classical guitars are often known by which other name?

Which famous guitarist made his name as a member of Led Zeppelin?


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Did you notch it up to 11 or crash out?

Did you manage a pitch-perfect score, or did you hit a few bum notes among our guitar trivia questions and answers? We hope you learned some nifty new trivia titbits either way!

If you had fun with today’s quiz and want to try another, don’t fret. We’ve plenty to pick from, so have the facts you’ll need ready to face the next quiz that takes your fancy!

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