The Ultimate James Bond Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you have the steel to take on our James Bond quiz? From Bond girls to evil villans, it’s time to test yourself with these tricky James Bond questions!

james bond quiz

While Daniel Craig is hanging up his gadgets following the recent release of No Time to Die, James Bond is forever.

As the Bond series approaches 70, it remains a cultural touchstone, evolving with the times and offering fresh new takes on a character we all know and love.

The question is, how fond of Bond are you? If Jaws evokes memories of a metal-toothed madman, then perhaps you’ve got what it takes. If it’s made you wonder if you’re going to need a bigger boat… perhaps not.

Regardless, take a pop at our James Bond quiz and see how you do!

007 quiz
How much do you know about James Bond?

Our James Bond trivia covers the ins and outs of our illustrious agent’s career, from his literary origins to the soundtracks made famous by the films.

Whether you grew up with Sean Connery or fell for Pierce Brosnan’s smooth-talking, you’re going to need to trawl your memory for facts and fiction spanning the whole 70 years.

We’ve even taken a peek at some of the Non-Eon movies and a particularly forgettable TV movie, so if these hints are ringing any bells yours odds are good.

Make no mistake, our James Bond trivia’s tricky, but scroll on and put yourself to the test, Agent!

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james bond trivia questions
It’s time to put your Bond knowledge to the test!

James Bond Quiz Quizestions

Who was the first actor to portray James Bond on film?

What was the first Bond film released in cinema?

Bond was first portrayed in a TV adaptation of Casino Royale in 1954. Who played him?

From whose novels are the James Bond movies originally adapted?

How does Bond prefer his martini?

Who is the only mainline Bond actor not to star in a movie based directly on one of the novels?

Which of Bond’s many enemies notably owned a white cat?

Which of the following is Bond’s British Secret Service Agent number?

How many Bond actors have received a British Knighthood as of 2021?

Which of the following Bond movies is the highest grossing worldwide?

Which of the following actresses has NOT appeared as a ‘Bond Girl’?

What brand of car is Bond most often associated with?

Who appeared as Bond in 1967’s parody of Casino Royale?

How many films has Daniel Craig played Bond in to date?

Who sings the latest Bond theme in No Time to Die?

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So, how’d you think you did? Did you “meet your Waterloo,” or did you breeze through? However well you did, we really these James Bond fun trivia questions and learned a thing or two along the way.

We’ve plenty of other movie quizzes to check out at Ultimate Quiz Questions, so why not have a browse and see what we’ve got on some of your other favourites?

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