20 BEST June Trivia Questions and Answers

Summer is finally here, and what better way to celebrate than by having a go at our June trivia questions and answers.

june quiz questions and answers

Looking for the best June trivia questions?

The sun is shining, and school is nearly out for the year. There’s no better way to celebrate the start of summer in the middle of the month than by having a go with your family at our June quiz questions.

For anyone looking for a new way to entertain your kids this summer break, you’ll love testing their knowledge of the month with these June questions and answers. So much has taken place during this month in history, but will you remember when and where these important events happened?

Multiple choice questions on June

So, how well do you know the first month of Summer each year? The days are getting longer, the sun is normally shining, and we’re all getting ready to enjoy a holiday or two.

With so many amazing events, historic moments, and fun facts all to do with the month of June, it’s time to dive in and put your general knowledge to the ultimate test!

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What is June famous for? Find out in our quiz!

If you are having a family barbecue or outdoor dinner this month, why not finish off your gathering with a fun team quiz night? Split your family into two teams, and then use our June quiz questions to see who are the biggest brainboxes in your party.

So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to test your knowledge with our top June trivia questions and answers and see if you’ve been paying attention or sunbathing through the past summers!

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Ready to test your June trivia? Let’s see how well you can do!

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June Quiz Questions

What is the birthstone for June?

If you were born on June 16th, what would your star sign be?

What date does summer commence in the world’s Northern Hemisphere?

What historical event took place on Tuesday, 6 June 1944?

What summer music event happens in Somerset, England, in the last week of June every year?

The Lady and the Tramp movie was released on June 22nd of which year?

Marilyn Monroe was born in June of which year?

Which song from The Police was at the top of the US and UK charts in June 1983?

In the Northern Hemisphere, what is the longest day of the year?

Which of these is one of the birth flowers for June?

In the early Roman calendar, how many days were there in June before it was reformed later in history by Julius Caesar?

Johnny Depp was born in June of which year?

What was patented by Samuel Morse on June 20th, 1840?

Who in the world discovered Neptune with their knowledge on June 5, 1819?

Jeannette Rankin was one of many famous people born in June 1880. What type of work did she undertake during her career?

Which famous battle of the American Revolution took place on June 17, 1775?

In which European country is the traditional midsummer festival celebrated on the weekend closest to June 24th?

Which Roman goddess is June named after?

In the United States, which holiday is celebrated on the third Sunday in June?

Which famous composer was born on June 9, 1672?

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So how did you do? We hope these June trivia questions and answers have put you in a summery mood.

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