20 BEST Love Quiz Questions and Answers

From popular love songs and Shakespeare’s greatest duos, to romantic movies and trivia, these love quiz questions will test your knowledge!

Valentines's Day trivia questions
These love quiz questions will test your knowledge

It’s official: we all love to love! It’s part of being human. We adore finding special people that we connect with, and once we do, we don’t want to spend a second apart!

Love is one of the most sought-after feelings in the world and if history has anything to say about it, it’s that it has the power to topple dynasties, start wars and even change the world as we know it!

february quiz questions and answers
Do you know everything these is to know about love?

Love has been portrayed in films, conveyed in songs, and there seems to be and endless source of literature surrounding the topic, but how much do you really know about the topic? Would you be able to answer some love trivia questions?

Do you know the names of famous lovers in literature? How about the singers of famous love songs? Are you fluent in the language of love, or do you need to get back and revise?

february trivia questions
These love trivia questions cover history, movies, literature, music and more!

These love quiz questions and answers will test all of this and more. If you enjoyed playing our Valentine’s Day quiz, no doubt you’ll adore this one too! So let’s find out if you really are an expert of all thing love.

Love Quiz Questions

Which planet shares its name with the Roman Goddess of love?

Meg Ryan stars opposite which actor in classic romantic movie "When Harry Met Sally"?

Which of these is known as the “love” hormone?

Who were William Shakespeare’s “star-crossed lovers”?

Approximately how many dating apps are there in the United States?

Which artist had a hit with "Your Song"?

To go to the city of love, which country must a person visit?

Who came up with the quote “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”?

Which of these Disney princesses was not “saved” by true love’s kiss?

Which of the 7 wonders was built as a symbol of love to an emperor’s wife?

What fruit was once thought to be an aphrodisiac and had the nickname “love apple”?

As of 2021, which of these is the highest grossing romantic comedy film?

According to the Daily Mail, what is the average length of a romance?

Which of these is not a real TV show?

Which of these does not mean “I love you”?

What color rose is a symbol of love?

In US$, how much does the average wedding in the USA cost?

Who is the unofficial patron saint of love?

In which country do people give each other fancy wooden spoons as a token of love?

What is seen as a symbol of love on the bridges in Paris?


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love trivia questions and answers

Did you have fun answering these romantic quiz questions? Hopefully you learned a few things about love too!

Don’t forget to share them with a friend or partner too, and see who knows the most! If you’re enjoying the warm fuzzy feelings, don’t miss our Valentine’s quiz too!

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