21 BEST Valentine’s Day Quiz Questions and Answers

From Roman gods to rom-com movies, find out if love is in the air with these brilliant Valentine’s Day quiz questions and answers!

Valentines's Day quiz questions
These Valentines’s Day quiz questions will test your knowledge

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is the day when much of the world celebrates the love they have for others.

While many celebrate by sending flowers, chocolates and heart-shaped trinkets, others spend the time re-watching their favorite rom-coms!

Some fail to recognize the special day altogether… and probably regret it later! Whichever side of the fence you are on, Valentine’s Day has had a long history.

Valentines's Day trivia questions
Will you score full marks in our Valentines’s Day trivia questions?

So, how much do you know about V-Day? These Valentine’s Day trivia questions cover everything from Cupid to celebs!

Do you know who tied the knot on Valentine’s Day or what a yellow rose signifies? What about the origin of Saint Valentine’s Day? We’ll test all of this and more in these Valentine’s Day trivia questions.

If you’ve already aced our love quiz, we think you’ll enjoy this one too!

Valentines's quiz
This Valentines’s quiz covers everything from Roman gods to celebrities

So whether you’re loved up right now or still searching for your special someone, no doubt you’ll learn something new as you play our quiz about Valentine’s Day.

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Right, love is in the air, isn’t it? Lets see how you get on with this fun quiz. Perhaps it’s the perfect way to kick off Valentine’s day with your loved one!

Valentines's Day trivia questions
Valentines’s Day trivia questions

Valentine’s Day Quiz Questions

Which Roman god is associated with Valentine’s Day?

When was Saint Valentine martyred?

Which of the following people receives the most Valentines?

What ancient Roman festival is Valentine’s Day based on?

When was Valentine’s Day first celebrated by the Romans?

Approximately how many roses are grown for Valentine’s Day every year?

If someone sends you yellow roses on Valentine’s Day, what are they celebrating?

Which of the following is not a Valentine’s Day-themed movie?

Which of these American states has a town named Valentine?

In which of these countries is Valentine’s Day banned?

What spin-off Valentine’s Day holiday was created by Parks and Recreation?

What does the X in XOXO mean?

What name was used to refer to a mean-spirited Valentine’s Day card in the Victorian era?

Which of the following celebrities did not get engaged or married on Valentine’s Day?

Which Shakespeare character do people write to every Valentine’s Day?

How long was the longest marriage recorded?

How many Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year in the USA?

Who sang “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”?

In which country do people give each other fancy wooden spoons as a token of love?

How long is the longest kiss in the world?

Finish the Jane Austin book title: "Love and ______"


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valentines day quiz answers
How did you get on in our quiz about Valentines Day?

Are you in the mood for love or is it another damp date?

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