The Ultimate Matrix Quiz Questions and Answers

With The Matrix Resurrections set to With The Matrix Resurrections set to launch on December 24th, it’s time to test your knowledge of the original Matrix trilogy is our fun Matrix quiz!

the matrix quiz

The Matrix Trilogy was a cultural phenomenon in the early 2000s, with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne bringing a world to life unlike any seen on film before.

With a sequel only months from release and an audience desperate to enter the Matrix once more, we’ve prepared some Matrix trivia questions to help you brush up on your backstory.

If you think you know the lore, then strap in, and we’ll show you just how far this rabbit hole goes.

matrix trilogy questions
How much do you know about The Matrix Triology?

We’re sticking pretty firmly to the events of the original Matrix trilogy, so if you skipped out on the (fantastic) Animatrix and the (less fantastic) videogame sequel, The Matrix Online, then have no fear.

Our Matrix quiz will test your knowledge of the movies and the lore around them, so expect some puzzlers.

Do you know which novels were made required reading for the cast? How about the influence Hinduism had on the series’ plot?

There’s trivia for fans of all levels here, so scroll on and see how much you remember!

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matrix trivia questions
It’s time to put your Matrix knowledge to the test!

The Matrix Trivia Questions

When was the original Matrix released?

Thomas Anderson is the real name of which character in The Matrix?

Humanity is trapped inside a simulation known as the Matrix, but what century of our history does it simulate?

A mysterious message on his computer urges Neo to follow which animal?

Which of the following does Morpheus tell Neo will “show [him] how deep the rabbit hole goes”? Blue Pill Green Pill Red Pill Purple Pill

At the conclusion of The Matrix, which Agent manages to kill Neo before his miraculous revival?

In The Matrix Reloaded, Neo visits the last city left in the real world. What’s its name?

Which piece of technology do awakened humans use to exit the Matrix from inside?

With which female character does Neo fall in love?

Towards the end of Reloaded, Neo meets the creator of the Matrix. What was their name?

The cast were asked to read up on psychology and philosophy to prepare for their roles in The Matrix Trilogy. In which of the following texts did we see Neo hide his illegal computer files?

Who does Neo have to kiss convincingly in The Matrix Reloaded?

For what reason is it revealed the machines require farms of humans?

As the Matrix begins to break down during the final battle with Agent Smith, what does the rain appear to become? Bullets Code Knives Glass

Neodämmerung is the original composition created for the climactic final battle, but from which Hindu scripture do its lyrics borrow?

At the conclusion of The Matrix Revolutions, Neo meets the leader of the machines. What is it called?

Prior to the rebooting of the Matrix at the conclusion of The Trilogy, scenes set inside were tinted which colour?

What is the martial art that Neo says he's just learned when Morpheus asks him?

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If you’re sat there wishing you’d taken the blue pill, try not to take it to heart. It’s been a decade and change since the last movie, so if nothing else our matrix trivia questions should have you primed for Resurrections.

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