20 BEST Medical Quiz Questions and Answers

From complicated conditions to history’s most long-standing homely remedies, exercise your brain with our medical quiz questions and answers!

medical trivia questions and answers

Looking for the best medical trivia questions?

The human body is really quite incredible, isn’t it? Even today we understand only a small fraction of the systems that keep us walking and talking.

It seems like our understanding of what we need to do to stay healthy grows day by day, but how much can you remember of your basic medical facts? Do you know your cranium from your coccyx or your femur from your funny bone? Let’s put your knowledge to the test.

Whether you’ve been watching back-to-back seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, loved studying biology at school, or just have an interest in all things medical, this amazing quiz should be right up your street.

We’ve put together 20 medical quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge of the marvels of modern medicine. Are you up to the test though?

basic medical quiz
It’s time to put your medical knowledge to the test

Can you remember learning exactly how many bones make up an adult skeleton? There’s quite a few, and some are significantly bigger than others! Do you know how many lobes there are in the human brain – or what a lobe is, for that matter?

Most of us have probably learned what we know about medicine from the many medical shows out there. Can you remember which drama follows a group of surgical interns in training? Are you aware of just how long it takes to become a fully certified doctor in the United States?

We’ll be covering all of the above and more with our medical trivia questions, so hopefully you’ve scrubbed up on your know-how beforehand! Failing that, stick an episode of House on and see how you do – we’ve every faith you’ll come out with top marks!

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medical quiz questions and answers
Don’t worry, this isn’t like a doctor’s exam!

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Medical Quiz Questions

How many bones make up an adult skeleton?

The Peripheral Nervous System is composed of:

The clavicle is also known by which of the following names?

Which of these shows follows a group of surgical interns on their path to becoming doctors?

How many lobes make up the human brain?

‘Bromodois’ is a term referring to which of the following conditions?

The ‘recovery position’ is the recommended course of action in which of these situations?

What is a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)?

How many years does it take to become a licensed doctor in the United States?

Anosmia is…

Which of the following homely remedies has been in use for over 4000 years to treat pain and inflammation?

How many red blood cells are there in the average human body?

Which of the following is the largest organ in the human body?

Which of these vertebrae is found in the neck?

How many pints of blood flow around the average human body?

What is the medical term for high blood pressure?

Which of the following is NOT a primary color of light for the human eye?

What's the scientific term for a kneecap?

What is the medical term for the voice box?

Which organ is affected by hepatitis?


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medic trivia questions
Hopefully you’re not feeling like this at the end of our quiz!

So, did any of our medical trivia questions have you puzzled? Could you see yourself working the wards, or do you need a few more years at medical school?

If you enjoyed putting your medical know-how to the test, check out some of our other challenges or have your friends try the quiz to see how they compare! 

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