20 BEST Mother’s Day Quiz Questions and Answers

From famous mums to classic trivia, these Mother’s Day quiz questions and answers will test your knowledge.

mothers day quiz questions and answers
Mother’s Day quiz questions and answers

Looking for the best Mother’s Day trivia questions?

Looking for a fun activity for Mother’s Day this year? How about giving this quiz a go? It’ll bring the whole family together and see who knows the most about one of the loveliest days of the whole year.

Coming up, you’ll find 20 questions to test your knowledge of all things mum or mom! We’ve all thought our mums are superstars over the years, but now it’s time to truly celebrate the female icons in the world.

mothers day quiz questions and answers
Mother’s Day quiz questions and answers

From famous mums from the silver screen to songs about mothers and classic trivia, there’s a fun mix of Mother’s Day quiz questions and answers coming up. You’ll need to be hot on general knowledge and entertainment if you want to score 20 out of 20.

There’s a little something to suit everyone in this Mother’s Day quiz, so why don’t you gather up your family and make a competition out of it? If you want to test out who knows the most about Mother’s Day, this is the quiz for you.

So whether you’re planning to host a fun Mother’s Day quiz for the amazing mum in your life, or you want to take the quiz now and see how you do, we hope you have fun.

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mothers day quiz
mothers day quiz

Mother’s Day Quiz Questions

Name Liza Minnelli's famous mum.

The Spice Girls released Mama for Mother's Day in which year?

Kate Hudson's mum is also a famous actress, but who is she?

Which famous pop star has a daughter named Lourdes?

What cake, containing almonds, is traditionally made on Mothering Sunday?

Which Spice Girl has kids named Beau and Tate?

What spirit has the nickname 'mother's ruin'?

Marge Simpson has three kids - Bart, Lisa and who?

Who played Kevin's mum in Home Alone?

Which group had a hit in 1979 with Does Your Mother Know?

What's the name of Beyonce and Solange's mother?

What's the name of the mom in Bob's Burgers?

Who sings "Take your mama out"?

Who is Carrie Fisher's famous mom?

Which Spice Girl has kids called Romeo, Brooklyn, Cruz, and Harper?

Who is credited with founding the modern concept of Mother's Day?

Who wrote the famous poem "A Mother's Day"?

Who is the famous "Momager" of the Kardashian clan?

Who is the mother of former First Daughters Malia and Sasha?

Which famous singer is the mother of twins named Moroccan and Monroe?

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mothers day quiz

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