Ultimate Movie Soundtrack Quiz Questions and Answers

Soundtracks add an extra layer of magic and wonder to any film, so check out our movie soundtrack quiz to test your big screen knowledge!

Movie Soundtrack Quiz Questions and Answers
These movie soundtrack quiz questions and answers will test your knowledge

Many elements go into turning a good movie into a great movie, and the soundtrack is one of the most important. In our movie soundtrack quiz, you’ll find out how well you can separate your Footloose from your Flashdance, and many more!

Ever since the Bee Gees took the world by storm with their multi-platinum selling Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, the movie soundtrack has become a staple of studio releases.

Movie soundtrack questions
How well do you know movie soundtracks?

Everyone familiar with movies will most likely be able to name one soundtrack that ranks as their favorite, and these movie soundtrack trivia questions are going to explore some of the most famous out there.

In fact, some movie soundtracks have transcended their status and become something iconic, taking their place in popular culture, for example The Lost Boys soundtrack. 

Movie soundtrack questions
These movie soundtrack quiz questions and answers cover popular music and classical composers

If you fancy yourself something of a soundtrack expert, then this is the movie soundtrack quiz for you. It’s the perfect opportunity to pit your wits against friends and family too. Lights, camera, action!

Movie Soundtrack Quiz Questions and Answers
Best of luck with this movie soundtrack quiz!

Movie Soundtrack Quiz Questions

Which movie features the Aerosmith song 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing'?

Which song plays on the opening scene of Saturday Night Fever?

What is the best-selling movie soundtrack of all time?

Paul McCartney and Wings performed the title song from which James Bond movie?

What is the most used song in film & television?

Kim Wilde's cover of 'Kids In America' is the opening song to which classic '90s teen movie?

Rap star Eminem won an Academy Award for the song 'Lose Yourself' from which movie?

Which guitarist did the soundtrack to the movie Deathwish 2?

Who composed the soundtracks for the first three Harry Potter movies?

Which English musician starred in the movie Labyrinth?

Who sang the theme song for the movie 'To Sir With Love'?

Randy Newman composed the music to which series of Disney movies?

Which of these songs did not feature in the movie Footloose?

"Cry Little Sister" by Gerard McMahon is regarded as the theme song to which classic 80s vampire flick?

Grease is the fifth best-selling soundtrack in movie history, how many copies has it sold?


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We hope you enjoyed our blockbuster movie soundtrack quiz. Perhaps you learned something new as you played!

Pit your wits against friends and family, and see who knows the most about the most iconic soundtracks created. We’re confident you’ll be number one at the box office this week!

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